How To watch IPTV on your PS4


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  1. Artur Szalata


  2. Dragng8


  3. Mentorman13

    Tive this man a cookie!


  4. mammt89

    It work with file .ts too??

  5. Francesco

    Some questions…
    1) need open plex on pc before ps4 always?
    2) Plex works on macOS? the tutorial it’s the same?

  6. Yucel

    Hi Wololo,

    I did exaclty what you you explained right here. But when I start an IPTV channel on my PS4, it constantly jumps to the next track. Can you please tell me how to fix it ?

  7. Ozgur Unal

    I can see my channel list on ps4 but when I opened any channel , the screen is only black 🙂 who knows the solution?

  8. christopher

    hello doesn’t work for me someone can help me please