Installing Adrenaline without PSN Access (Advanced users)


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  1. yattoz says:

    Whow, never though of using IDU mode to install a PSP Demo to get Henkaku ! That’s pretty smart (even though it’s a convoluted way)

    Good luck to anyone trying this ! 🙂

    • DSpider says:

      You don’t “get” HENkaku from installing a PSP demo… You get Adrenaline (i.e. the ability to run PSP games on the PS Vita). Adrenaline doesn’t work if you don’t have a PSP game/demo installed on the PS Vita, which is weird, since I thought we had kernel access on the damn thing and could decrypt anything on it.

      • Aurora says:

        It’s not that simple sadly. Lv0 still isn’t cracked (which is why we can’t play 3.61+ games) so there’s still work to be done. Patience is key!

  2. DSpider says:

    What if you don’t have a PSN account? Or a PSP?

    Would the .rif file from someone else work?

    • elbionox says:

      or in my case, what if I have a PSP but not a PSN account on my vita?
      what should I do?

      • Aurora says:

        How do you not have a PSN account on your Vita? You must enter your PSN credentials when setting up your system AFAIK. You can do a burner account and restore your Vita and log in during setup and then you’ll have a PSN account bound with your Vita. I haven’t tried it but reddit users have confirmed that you can still attach your Vita to a PSN account even tho the spoof is down during setup (besides, it worked when 3.61 was out so it’s not spoof dependant)

    • Aurora says:

      No, .rif files are account specific so you need both a PSP and a PSN account

  3. strikerboii says:

    Anyone knows how to change the logged account in the vita now that spoofing isnt working?

  4. Crosis says:

    This only works on PSN-activated Vitas. Anyone with a new Vita or a formatted/restored Vita won’t be able to PSN-activate and thus won’t be able to utilize this method unfortunately..

    • Aurora says:

      Not too sure on that because you can install free apps and PSP demos from PSN without activating so I think that it *should* work but unless someone tries it, we can’t know.

      • Crosis says:

        “you can install free apps and PSP demos from PSN without activating ”

        That’s incorrect. You can’t install them from PSN without activating (as you can’t even access PSN w/o activating).

        It may be possible to transfer a game/demo to a Vita from a PS3, but I’m hearing mixed reports as to whether the Vita is still activated this way (or produces an error).

        • Aurora says:

          Well, I was able to install free apps and PSP demos without activating my PSVita so yeah.. Not too sure on what you’re saying. Activation is only required for paid content AFAIK. And no, you can access PSN without activating, I did it myself wifh HENkaku last September

          • Crosis says:

            “install free apps and PSP demos without activating my PSVita”

            Impossible. You can manually install by using the IDU mode trick, but the apps won’t run without activation.

            “I did it myself wifh HENkaku last September”

            It was fine back then. It’s no longer possible since PSN spoofing was blocked 3 days ago.

  5. Nsufu says:

    Can you get rid of the 661.pbp file after its done installing?

  6. Icarus says:

    Is there any way to get around Adrenaline requiring your Vita/PSTV to be activated on PSN for it to work? I had to restore my PSTV due to some issues, and with Sony now forcing users to update their firmware to access and activate on PSN, my PSTV is essentially stuffed when it comes to PSP gaming.
    (I’ve tried Vita-Activator already, it comes back with an IDPS error.)

    • Ragnarok says:


      You can activate vitas with low firmware using qcma and a ps3 as a bridge , you do need a spoofing program so that it goes tru without checking the vita firmware and thats it activate low firmware vita

  7. shadowmere93 says:

    This only works if you’ve activated your Vita in the past. Not if you’ve done a factory reset. You need to use the ps3 method for activation if you have done a factory reset.

    I’ve already tried this, and I get a license error. My PSN account is linked to the Vita, but it is not activated. So I don’t have an ACT.DAT file on my Vita.

    • Crosis says:

      “You need to use the ps3 method for activation if you have done a factory reset.”

      Can you confirm this still works?

      • shadowmere93 says:

        Yes, I just did it today and I can confirm it works.

        First you need to login to your PSN account on the PS3, download a mini/psp game demo.

        Connect the vita to PC by QCMA. Disconnect the Vita USB cable from the PC end. Plug the vita usb cable into the PS3, transfer the game from the ps3 to vita, then run the game on vita.

  8. helpme says:

    Can i do this on 3.61 or. .63 ?

    • DSpider says:

      No. Adrenaline needs HENkaku and HENkaku is only available for 3.60 or lower (lower, as in… they’ll have to update to 3.60). For anything higher than 3.60 it’s going to need a new exploit. It took 4-5 years for the Vita to be hacked. Don’t hold your breath for anything soon, if at all.

  9. splin says:

    NPEZ00176 Urbanix -> VHBL for 3.60 , then use NPEZ00176 as TITLEID. Launch TaiHEN. you will found it can enter PSPeMU.

  10. BObo says:

    Uh, link to EU PSP free demo, anyone?

  11. Golecom says:

    You can do this with a another vita with adrenaline already installed, just log your account in the virtual vita, download the demo use vitashell to copy the licence file and follow the rest of the tutorial, it helped me to replace a psp game for a demo for space reasons

  12. The chosen one says:

    What is the difference between adrenaline And henkaku/taihenkaku

  13. InfinityAbsolute says:

    Hey guys , I think i Have the Solution to this Problem . Basicly what im proposing is to INSTALL PACKAGE INSTALLER , and use QCMA to transfer a PSP DEMO PKG and then RUN ADRENALINE . you cant play the PSP DEMO but it created the necessary environment to get the job done!!

    • BxThorne says:

      this does not work for psTV because t doesn’t connect to the PC wired, only wirelessly, which is an package installer requirement. why? idk…

    • Darkomen43 says:

      Does this actually owrk and if so can you make a brief tutorial

      • Shadowmere says:

        I’m pretty sure you need to be able to play the game to actually launch Adrenaline. I tried this method and it did install, but couldn’t launch.

        I’d recommend the PS3 method.

        1. Login to PSN on PS3, download a PSP game you own or a demo
        2. Connect Vita to PC with QCMA
        3. Unplug Vita from PC (from the USB cable, leave the Vita end plugged in)
        4. Plug Vita into PS3 by USB
        5.Transfer game from PS3 to Vita

  14. InfinityAbsolute says:

    sooo it didnt work for me ..when starting adrenaline is says cannot start this application , you must download again.. *** killer but w.e. Also i wanted to clariy what i was doing .. start on henkaku, then install package installer, transfer a psp demo pkg and install , then switch to TailHen and start Easy installer after adding the 661.pbp file doesnt work but maybe someone can get it to somehow

  15. Ozmica says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get this purple (pearlescent?) color on ps vita slim housing? Is there a nice tutorial to use a spray or something similar to achieve this look?

    • wololo says:

      These custom PS Vita colors are done by NZaki who is a dude doing it professionally. It’s not just a spray, he uses the same stuff they use on cars, and he bakes the vita shell. You can find him on twitter. But as a rule of thumb don’t ask him to do it for you or to teach you, as he will block you (whether you offer to pay or not).

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