SwitchKaku updated to v1.02, reset email feature added

9 Responses

  1. Primula says:

    Haven’t install yet but should be useful

  2. Zorg says:

    Name of the app is fantastic, it could be even better,
    I vote for
    Tranny on the loose

  3. Mark says:

    The previous email install of henkaku works maybe 1 out of 10 tries for me. Does the switchkaku improve the install rate?

  4. bernouilli92 says:

    woudn’t it be simpler if the software insert two differents emails, one for henkaku and one for taihenkaku? This way, once the emails are inserted into the email database, you don’t need to run the software each time you need to swap from one exploit to the other.

    • Roah says:

      HENkaku and taiHEN uses the same henkaku.bin, well not really the same but they have the same name so that why switch.

      My method is i have a gmail synced and two emails, one for henkaku and another for taihen. When I want to switch I copy the “right” henkaku.bin into the picture directory. No way around for now.

  5. Jho says:

    how about trophy? many account disable trophy?
    if reset the trophy go to new account or reset from 0 or get disable cause old email?

  6. Reymon says:

    Just say thanks;dudes.