QCMA updated to v0.4.0, tons of bug fixes!

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  1. rumple foreskin


    • AcromioClavicular

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      • nakedfaerie

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    • Donkey

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  2. BatmanForever

    so where are the “lots of new features added” really?
    just seems like a bug fix update to me…

    • BxThorne

      i was hoping for the music bug fix. its horrible. you can only add music each song at a time instead of folders loL. but thx for caring anyway

  3. BatmanForever

    so where are the “lots of new features added” really?
    just seems like a bug fix update to me…

  4. mipo

    I just used the FTP to transfer mp3 files to my vita memory. I thought the files would be safe, but they were not. After about two weeks since then, I found out that some of the mp3 files just got deleted on its own. Does anyone has any clue how the files got deleted on its own? I don’t expect I will be able to restore them, but I’d like to know how to prevent an automatic deletion. Do I need to transfer files through QCMA to have the files stay safely in the vita memory?

  5. db


  6. Zorg

    after the update I have problem accessing video and music files over WiFi. I get first msg “The PC has been disconnected.” After that I try again and get my PC listed, but “There are no videos(music).” And after some time of trying I get to the point that QCMA tray shows “device has been disconnected” and I get msg on my wita “could not connect to network.”

    My settings are :
    Offline mode, Skip metadata extraction, Automatic database refresh, Ignore local file psp2…, CMA protocol Manual, CMA pro. ver. FW 3.30, Use this version for updates FW 3.60(HENkaku)

    On Vita Flight mode, beta Henkaku with VitaShell1.42

  7. nakedfaerie

    I’ve been waiting for the auto database refresh. Hope it works good.

  8. megumihan

    i wish they build in wifi QCMA still the same -_-

  9. sadpanda

    …..were are the improvements???
    i installed it and the only changes are really minor
    btw pleassse codestation fix the account selection….