The PSVita Model Dilemma answered


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  1. unhide

    I’ve owned both a Vita 1000 and 2000 and.. even though I loved the OLED screen, the 2000 is better for one reason.. the charger. Oh my god, I bought like six chargers for my PSV1000, I kept breaking them.

    • don17sch

      I still am using the same PS vita I’ve had since i preorderd it in 2012. It still works like a dream for me.

      • Lmao

        So true, I still have the same Vita since launch and still works good.

        Though my USB cable is a bit *** up with wire things exposed, hopefully it won’t break on me.

      • Si

        That’s the key – I lost my original one, bought a new one which broke after 6 months, bought another one which is now intermittent. The unofficial replacements suck.

  2. Crosis

    The biggest factor that all of these comparisons overlook is the difference in SOUND QUALITY. The audio fidelity on the 2000 is leaps & bounds ahead of the 1000. Just playback any good song on both, you’ll hear the difference immediately, it’s literally night & day. The 2000’s speakers produce a much fuller wider-range than the 1000, which sounds noticeably lower-fidelity & flatter in direct comparison.

    I’m new to the Vita, and I recently bought both the 1000 and 2000 to really get a feel for my favorite. As an OLED-lover (for phones), I assumed the 1000 would be the easy choice. However, the difference in screen quality, while noticeable, is not nearly as stark as I was expecting (likely due to it being regular OLED and not Super AMOLED which I’m used to with Galaxy’s).

    The 2000’s superiority in weight difference, comfort difference, and most importantly SOUND difference, were all too much to pass up. The OLED also degrades and gets blotchy issues with age, whereas the LCD will last nearly forever. As I still use my original PSP, shelf-life is rather important. In the end it was a far easier choice to keep the 2000 (and sell the 1000) than I was expecting.

  3. TStrauss

    OLED is so fundamentally different (and better by practically all metrics) than LCD that it feels like a no contest situation. Even for a bigger battery, even for round buttons, even for non-proprietary connectors (although those changes are really good).

    I suppose if you play vita at the beach, you’d be better served by an LCD screen. But if you’re playing vita at the beach, I think you’re beaching wrongly. 🙂

  4. agent.xoa

    The OLED is much looks much better than the cheap LCD. The OLED is much nicer to look at even compared to my $600 phone. I got some cheapo insignia charger with multiple connectors, which mitigates most of the 1000 issues I had.

    Not that the 1000 isn’t still decent, considering its light weight and better battery.

  5. wa7Ly

    I still have my Vita 1000 3g with a ipad unlimited data plan sim card loaded in it and love it! Just wish for two things and that would be now accessing psn plus the ability to download from psn over a 3g network, but sadly sony has it blocked both of those. 🙁

  6. Charles Fasano

    Not all phone use a micro UBS to charge. Some use proprietary cables like some Samsung models and of course the iPhone which uses one of 2 different cables. Of course you can get one of those combo adapters which covers all phones. Of course you can’t use micro UBS 3.0 cables to charge the Vita either unless you have one that can do USB 2.0 and 3.0.

    The Vita seems to have been on it way out long ago. If Sony’s intent is to give up on the Vita they should stop trying to prevent us from using the Vita to its fullest potential.

  7. Wazzaby

    my only problem that stop me for getting a vita is the *** sony memory card…. until the made a SD adapter or similar i will be using a simple but effective android console

  8. Erik

    i was hoping for a sale on ps vita memory, its too bad i cant find anything

    • Panzer

      You and me both, dude.

      But I know Lukie games sell Vita cards at slightly cheaper than usual prices. So there’s that.

  9. Dani


  10. derpcaust

    OLED does not “look better to some”, it literally does blacks far better than LCD can. The reason you don’t see OLED everywhere is because it’s expensive. Which is also why it got dropped from the PSV.

    Of course these are the yearly “Vita is dying” posts when Vita has long been dead to Sony. So I’m not sure why this topic keeps coming up…referals maybe?

  11. iVita

    Sony really nailed the PS Vita design. even the “fat” Ps Vita doesn’t feel bulky at all. yeah, the only worst part of the old model is the charger.

  12. TStrauss

    I don’t want to go into a science lesson here, so let’s just say that because of how stuff works, OLED will always produce better contrasts and blacks than LCD. You could argue that the 2000 is a step up from the 1000, but not based on screen.

    If this is a repost, sorry!

  13. DrRetro

    Hm, i ask me if the accessory port of the 1000 vita is used anytime and what is possible over that. I have both models one 1000 and one 2000 vita, on the first i have 3.60, on the last still 3.18. That accessory port would be an interesting thing to stay on 3.60 on the 1000 and update the 2000 to the newest firmware.

    Beside that all I clearly like the 1000 more than the 2000, the 1000 looks and feels much better, the 2000 looks too cheap.

  14. Zeke

    I’ll repost some of my observations on the Vita models from GBAtemp :-

    PCH-1100/PCH-1000: Basically the two PS Vita Phat models are near identical, just the non-3G model is slightly lighter and you don’t get that NO SIM message whenever you turn network features on so I like it better. OLED screen is beautiful, just about bright enough in most conditions and lovely vivid oversaturated colours, motion is smooth as butter. Premium build quality though I’d still keep it in a case because those screens are easy enough to scratch, crack and ruin. The bezel can give you hand cramp if you have small hands and been playing a couple of hours but hey, take it as a sign to have a quick break.

    PCH-2000: PS Vita Slim. Clearly a cost-cut version of the original and it shows. They’ve gone back to LCD screens, sure it goes brighter than the Phat does but like the difference between the PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 it looks washed out and has a crappy contrast ratio – tilt it slightly off-axis and watch the colours go all over the place. The blacks look very gray compared to the Phat. Little more comfortable to hold than the Phat but again, flimsy in comparison. As it’s newer also harder to find on 3.18 or before firmware too.

    I’d have them both on 3.60 at this point but I’m holding out on upgrading my 3.51 model because we still don’t have official PS1emu hack, you either emulate via RetroArch and live with the frameskips and other issues or wait for TheFloW to release a newer Adrenaline version after he’s finished with his exams 😉

    Yeah, OLED Phat model all the way. Don’t miss my Slim at all.

  15. Lestat___


    U don’t speek about internal memory in ur0
    For hack, psV 1000 is better by having 2.52Gb memory instead psv 2000 only 1.52.

    • Alpmaster

      I was thinking the same thing the extra Ur0 space on 1000 models is really cool considering I thought initially it had no memory on board.

    • sam2u22000

      the vita tv has 1 gb internal memory as well

    • Aurora

      Only reason I didn’t mention the ur0 memory space thing is because it’s not verified whether the extra space is safe to use. When there’s enough evidence that shows it’s safe. This article will be updated but as for now, mentioning possibly unsafe storage as an advantage is kind of a bad idea.

      • DrRetro

        But what is with the Accessory Port? This is also a Feature of the 1000 models we not know yet if it is any advantages. It is only a possible thing for the future, like this ur0 memory space.

        So for me, when I must decide if I use my 1000 or my 2000 model for the 3.60 firmware that are both good arguments for the 1000 model.

      • Lestat___

        safe? this is the same space of the slim’s “internal” memory
        fat: ur0: 2.52 gb
        slim: ur0: 1.51 + 1gb “internal memory” the # of 0.01 is due to psvita system, don’t see after 0.1.

  16. Lestat___

    Cause of Sony’s feature: 1Gb memory.

  17. Paulo Xavier

    Rear pad vita slim is better too because is minor, you could to speak to readers the problems in the fat/slim, how burn-in fat, and analogic in slim.
    Screen vita fat oled:

  18. AcromioClavicular

    I own a 1k and a 2k psv. I love the 1k because of how colorful the graphics are on some games (ex. Odin Shere,…). The 2k is nicer when it comes to the weight,screen brightness, the batterylife and start select button.

  19. Natalie

    For #### sake, the Vita isn’t dying. It’s still strong. You only think it’s dead because of the US market. Japan’s releases for the Vita are very good and still coming. Its only in the US where you stupid gamers are hooked on death, violence and rape with games like Cod, GTA etc. Since the Vita can’t play those games very well since its a portable console it will never gain traction in the US. And unfortunately for the rest of the world, the EU and Australian distributors look at US sales which are non existent to decided what they do (in this case, don’t) sell in these countries.
    While literally everyone else wants RPG, fantasy, story, imagination, puzzle, slice of life etc genres, as long as the US refuses to put them into the really bad US market, the rest of the world won’t get what they want.

    • Panzer

      …so why is the 3DS doing so well?

      As for Wii U’s relative failure, it’s more to do what the system does than you might think.

      Still, “Death and Violence” isn’t exactly rare in your other examples. RPGs, fantasies, stories, etc also include Death and Violence.

      In any case, even if what you said was 100% true, putting it in the market isn’t going to help.

      I mean, I wanted the new Digimon game to get a US release on Vita but that’s not happening (PS4 only, despite Next Order being originally a Vita game). I wish they at least gave a digital release but I get why they don’t.

      In any case, there is a reason stuff like CoD sell pretty well in the US. People (and I’m using that as a general term) want stuff like that.

      Granted you just might be anti US anyway so… eh.

      • Natalie

        Again, Most 3DS games that come out in Japan also come out worldwide because it’s Nintendo. A lot of the game makers are in contracts with Nintendo as a 1st party game maker. So boom, worldwide release.
        Digimon came to the US, no one bought it, so the sequel wouldn’t get released would it. (Ignoring the PS4 release that did well)
        And no, I’m not anti US lol. I’m Anti US companies that distribute to the rest of the world. Gaming, Media, whatever. Just look at crunchy roll. The US catalog has all the seasonal releases. The UK for example gets half the catalog, while we pay the same price. The UK customers pay a premium, for US only licensing. It’s the same with games. If something does *** in the US, they assume it’s going to *** worldwide too.

    • DrRetro

      It is easier to say that the Vita is only in one country alive and that is Japan. So when you like Japanese Games the Vita is still a nice platform.

      But the really truth is, that the Vita was at no time that what she could be and that only thanks to Sony itself. I self want buy one at EU release. Why I didn’t? Because only of that expensive memory cards… One year later I again had interests for a Vita, same reason why I don’t buy one. So I get my used 1000 model cheap from another player and my new 2000 bundle very cheap on a Christmas sale 2 years ago. At both points the Vita was already dead for Sony.

      Sony made so much mistakes about the Vita that it is no wonder why it can’t get a good running Handheld, that it was possible shows the Japanese market and that the Vita itself is a great peace of Hardware. But when you start a Handheld against Nintendo Handhelds and Smartphones, than you can’t have a big success when you only get half hearted on that market.

    • Jack Attack

      Shut up.

    • aramaru

      Vita is not doing well in Japan. It’s only doing better than elsewhere – which means better than terrible. Your comment is also quite ignorant and full of generalisations.

  20. crashas

    Considering battery life 0.5 point for 1k wifi vita, remembered that there was a post about secondary one 😀


    Good post for newbies.
    Thanks for this post i know all that, but i like to read All.

  22. perfectchaos

    When did they start region locking them? My ice blue and dragon quest vitas are from China and they aren’t region locked at all.

  23. Vitor

    One thing I rarely see people commenting is how light PSVita Slim is, for me this is a major step forward.
    Second is that the Oled makes colors oversatured on PSVita Phat. PSVita Slim uses a IPS LCD, which is still very good.

    • aramaru

      I wanted LCD one because I contracted paranoia. OLED is more prone to burn in and has shorter life span. Not sure if any issues would appear though. Then I also had option to buy different colour schemed 2k cheaper without useless 4GB card and 5 games. Used the money to get 16 GB card

  24. Darth Agnon

    Wondering… does anyone know whether the PSP GPS program, Go!Expore, works on the PSV10003g through the PSPemu? I’ve been wondering about that for a long time… and drooling over PS Vita and Smach Z

  25. Davenor

    Did someone mention that with the oled version burn-in could happen on the screen?

  26. goyscript wpa

    of corse psvita 1000

  27. Arkos

    PSVita 3000 when?