SwitchKaku, your switch between taiHENkaku and HENkaku

14 Responses

  1. Sato says:

    Now I will be able to enjoy PSP games without downloading everything, turning off and repeating the process.
    Amazing offline installer!

  2. 7ven says:

    Oh my goddess! Thanks!!!

  3. E.N.D says:

    i’m using it as long you don’t mess on the the system it works fine and you can use psp 2 😀

  4. dalton230 says:

    At first their is an update regarding mod taihenkaku offline installer. I googled it somehow their is no problem using taihenkaku for both benefits. For me no need switch thingy when you can do everything on taihenkaku just only for Andreline and Vitamine/Mai.

  5. Primula says:

    hummm use this to uninstall the current offline installer or uninstall it first then install… O_O… and what with the other folder =3

  6. doctorwho05 says:

    Awesome Job, Thx

  7. johnny ive says:

    very good… works everytime, and faster than the webbrowser

  8. Blake says:

    Cool ! thanks for sharing wololo 😉

  9. Roah says:

    If only both exploits can have separate henkaku.bin (henkaku.bin/taihenkaku.bin) then we’re golden, no need to switch.

  10. Diego Ramirez says:

    this thing RUINED my henkaku offline install (mail exploit), it is important to advice people of the dangers of this app, now i cannot use neither taihenkaku, nor henkaku offline, i have to do again all the henkaku offline install, cause after installing and applying the changes on my vita, i rebooted my system just to find out that the mail trick was no longer working…
    Truly disappointing, my advice is to stick on one or another version of this exploit, evaluate if you REALLY need this before trying it.

  11. squall says:

    Off Topic*
    does anybody experience black screen on 6.61 Adrenaline? I have it on both version of God Of War PSP.
    i have used those isos on previous TN-V without any issues.