It’s (almost) official: The PS Vita is dead


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  1. DSpider

    Why is “Target” significant? Do you think everyone lives in the US? The rest of the world doesn’t shop at Target.

    • wololo

      It is a major retailer in the main market for video games. So it is statistically significant. As I said in the article, it’s also clear that no other retailer is doing anything for the console in the US this year after a check. The US represent 50% of the market. But please, enlighten me about how wonderfully the console is doing in Japan.

      • NoPatience

        you always reply to those ‘filled with hate and jealousy’ comments made by some random *** guy……ignore them man…..or even ban them from your website

      • Some guy

        Yeah, you tell em, Wolo. Beat that ***!

      • Alalalasasa

        Is the market in Europe so insignificant? Your comment sounded like its 50/50 US & Jap, but whats up with the rest of the world?

      • Aramaru

        In Europe it doesn’t seem to be doing well. In Slovakia it’s not shown on any of the mayor conventions, even though other products, such as PS4/Xbox or even 3DS are shown tho later less. It’s hilarious than on several animeshows, ps vita stand was present in sony booth with no ps vita attached to it. In shops it’s not getting much space and minimal to none in most of non gaming ones. I was in Wienna tho recently and there was a solid section of Vita games in a tech store i went to, but not anything to brag about.
        In Japan Vita’s performing poorly compared to PSP. Compared to PSV world sales it performs good, but still nothing remarkable.

    • yhghgh

      target isnt US-only

      • Baka Author

        yeah its stupid article. its funny to think only US is the target. the world is bigger than u think.

      • reddragonemperor

        yeah well in our country the supply of PS VITA is still abundant, and the price is still not going down, though i’m not sure if they will restock after every vita has been bought.

    • Zero

      “All hail USA’s supremacy, only them exists in a world that have 7 continents”…

      • Nathan Wharry

        It’s amazing that no matter how the article is phrased it comes back to this type of statement. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but “Black Friday” is a US only event that happens after the US only event called Thanksgiving Day. Why would we even care about the rest of the world when we are talking about the Black Friday sales being an indication that the Vita may be nearing it’s end that are happening only in the US?

        • Skooma Dealer

          I think there’s a much better way to word that. Here in Canada, we have both Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day events, albeit that Thanksgiving is on a different day than the US. Black Friday is still a thing here however.

  2. Dude12

    This is not surprising. It seems that the Wii U is dead as well. I haven’t found any discount on any retailer.

  3. YZ Rum

    If the day comes where Sony completely drops support for the Vita, does that mean that Apps like Netflix and Hulu will no longer be supported as well?

    • Aramaru

      Depends if they are actually getting any support. If not then they will eventually end like Youtube app, without discontinuation or not.

  4. DSpider

    Why is “Target” even relevant? Not everyone lives in the US.

    PS: First time I visited today, trying to post the above and got “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”. Did I? Did I really already say that?? When? WHEN did I say that? I have never mentioned “Target” on this (or any other) website before.

    • DSpider

      I see the initial comment was posted after all… even though it wasn’t there when I refreshed the page. Never mind.

    • DSpider2

      LOL!! You say it’s the first time you visted but apparently that is a lie (you admitted this yourself). You posted 9 minutes earlier than this comment was made and you dare say you never mentioned target on this website.

      Do you even know how the market works? Most consoles are sold in the US and Japan. Where are you even from anyway?

    • Matt

      But Black Friday is a US event right. Which is what the article is about. Why would they mention a *** european retailer about a *** US shopping holiday. Get real

  5. Dag

    You said this BS last year as well and I’m pretty sure you said it the year before that too. This is gonna end up as a boy who cried wold scenario isn’t it?

    • Jack Attack

      Sony killed support for the Vita on their side after year 3. Then it mainly stayed on life support for 1 year and then 1 more year after that due to Japan support.

      So, stuff your BS. The vita is dead and has been dead compared to how all other platforms are normally supported. Sony barely supported the Vita and barely put any effort into it. If you think otherwise, you’re kidding only yourself.

  6. zorg

    It is official, Vita hes never been more alive. All it needed is Molecule and Adrenaline 🙂

  7. Ell

    The PS Vita is dead, long live the PS Vita! (Homebrew-wise 😉

  8. Not Shock

    I was just my local supermarket and went to the video game department, as I always do, and they didn’t have a single thing there that had to do wit the Vita. No games, systems or memory cards. I figured the end was nigh, not just that soon.

  9. ps2onvita

    wow I even saw PS3s and XBOX 360s in the Gamestop catalog whoa this really means that the vita is dead

  10. Natalie

    It’s been dead in the US from day one. the console was never meant to be like the home consoles. It’s not designed to play Soccer, Racing and FPS games that for some totally confusing reason is all the *** US market wants while the rest of the world wants puzzle, RPG, strategy games and more. Since all the game distributors are based in the US they look at US sales first before deciding what they send to the rest of the world. It’s actually really annoying. We want this console. It’s a great console but were limited to what the *** US market wants and it’s not right. If you lot want to go around with your FPSs thinking they’re the best games then that’s up to you, It shouldn’t effect everyone else.
    The amount of Japanese games that I want to get but I can’t because the US release bombed is really high.

  11. SAW

    its already dead, in europe

  12. doctorwho05

    Sorry It Died When it got it’s first “Stability Update”. Sony never really put the Full resources into the PSvita/PSTV to push and getting good 2nd and 3rd party Dev teams to make games. Charging for a different dev licence for PSvita and PSTV was very stupid. Sony will never get it.

    • TehCupcakes

      So THAT’S why so many games are not PSTV compatible even though they don’t rely on touch… I assumed it was because studios didn’t find it worth the investment to do testing on PSTV, but if they are separately licenses altogether that makes a lot more sense.

    • John

      Actually, they did, if you bothered to look. Note that, even fi you hate the titles, they’re still titles. heck, the even tried and (failed big time) with homebrew/indie devs (heck, no one remembers that other hack a year or so ago?). They tried, they did.

      No point comparing them to Nintendo when a majority of Nintendo’s popular games are mostly first party along with that huge seller Pokémon (GameFreak). Then mobile games.

      I think, the better question, is, what were they aiming for? What segment? Hardcore gamers? On the bus/train? No, they aimed wrong and tried to take on mobile gaming (fail) and Nintendo’s IPs and Pokémon (seriously, can anything be a bigger seller for a handheld?).

  13. Jefphar

    For me the PS Vita is very much alive with Henkaku and Homebrews.Sony’s business with PS Vita is Dead.With Homebrew community PS Vita is resurrected like a Phoenix coming out of its ashes.

    • megumihan

      but sony is the one that has a license to release a game at PS Vita the only thing why PSV is so active bcuz of the VPK dump and Mai Dump but if your talking PSP adrenaline its just a revival nothing news at PSP anymore

    • Abdul rehman

      I don’t know why people are not satisfied with PS Vita, considering the list :

      1) PS one games
      2) PSP games
      3) PSP minis
      4) PS mobile games
      5) PS vita games
      6) Remote play
      7) A good hardware to emulate consoles from (Nes to Dreamcast) and a single hardware with two sticks have advantage over many mobile hardware.

  14. megumihan

    THEY CANNOT DO THAT “VITA MEANS LIFE” Sony stupid promises

  15. ZeroSbr

    Well, I suppose it’s up to hackers to perform their necromantic rituals to make it desirable again.

  16. PakoJones

    This is not surprising. Last time I saw a ps vita in Mexico (God of War bundle) was January this year and haven’t seen them since then. You can get them in paw shops though.

  17. Weedian

    you forgot to add “… in the US” to the title. Widely available here in Japan.

  18. jeremyjazz

    why do a lot of people here have to be so hostile??

  19. It’s not dead in Japan….

    but we all knew it’s ‘kinda’ dead in the game industry…