Black Friday Video Game deals: how to be prepared


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  2. Wolololololoool

    This site is a shadow of its former self. It’s basically 70% ads and 30% scene news. Leaving.

    • wololo

      I have a long term plan to reduce the amount of advertising on the site, sadly it will take months. I would say that if you don’t like the current state, my only answer at the moment would be: come back in a year, things will probably have evolved (positively) by then. Until then, I apologize that the site does not meet your level of satisfaction: I’m trying really hard to make the Amazon links useful for both the reader and me and I’ve received lots of positive feedback on the deals articles, so I’m sorry if those are not useful to you.

  3. Please Stop

    keep your PS4 on firmware 4.01 that useless beacuse no jailbreak for ps4 no pirated games only hackers who tweets for no reason or installing linux on ps4 for no reason.Hackers all over the world please stop trolling us.Stop

  4. Michael

    You should give Helldiver’s a go for couch co-op. 🙂