taiHENkaku updated to Beta 4, fixes critical bugs and improves stability


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  1. Shiro says:

    Cool, I like seeing this is updated so often. Can’t wait for a user based release! It’s gonna be awesome

  2. Kozak says:


  3. vergil says:

    no ty ill wait for more updates

  4. Schadows says:

    I don’t really understand the difference between molecularShell and VitaShell. I know the former is a fork of the latter, but, when launching molecularShell, it still says vitaShell in the top-left corner of the UI, and a VitaShell by The Flow) bubble is even created after updating to a newer version.

    • NAh says:

      There is no difference with Stable HENKaku except for the name. With taiHENkaku, they’re changing many things:
      molecularShell now only shows ux0:. This is part of the move to molecularShell being a safe homebrew while VitaShell has full powers. Please install VitaShell manually to access other partitions moving forward.

  5. Fallenleader says:

    The ONLY stability update I look forward to!

  6. Giskard says:

    Hi guys, I’m using henkaku, why from time to time I can’t save? It shows as no memory card found

    • Schadows says:

      Same thing here on God Eater 2 Rage Burst. Sometimes, after waking from sleep mode (not always) the game won’t find the memory card.
      It was so annoying (because it only occured after a 45min mission) that I switch back to the original game, trading perfect framerate brought by Amphetamin against saving stability.

    • yahgurt says:

      you probably went to ps vita sleep mode

  7. Danny says:

    The difference is molecular shell is considered to be a safe homebrew and the other is not. Idk how many people are aware but the Amphetamin and rinCheat plugins both seem to be working on all games I tested with taiHen. Carts, PSN, and rips too.

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