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taiHENkaku updated to Beta 3, VitaShell fixed

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  1. rikku says:

    Hail Donal Trump!
    cause first is so main stream

  2. Quack Quack says:

    America is going to be great again according to Donald Duck. Lol Your fired 😀

  3. Olivier Pinard says:

    A new PS3 piracy method has been release for 4.70 ofw according from PS3hax.net (did they just loss 2 year of news or what), it originated from some russian website.

  4. severdnerv says:

    Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 😛

  5. 0x7FFFFFFF says:

    Anyone know how to remove the CPU frequency limit? (and possibly for the GPU as well)

  6. udkultimate says:

    Is possible to turn a Henkaku PS Vita into a Devkit, so it can be recognized by PSP2 Neighborhood from the PS Vita Official SDK (like PS3 DEX Firmware)?

  7. skankhunt42 says:

    nice, can’t wait for the official release.

  8. butnut(D.R. Bumquist) says:

    I know this is totally off topic but darkjiros 4.81 ps3 cobra cfw cannot play original dvd videos. The only reason I used it was because it did not have the package manager like ferrox does lately, I wish habib would make a 4.81 cobra firmware. I hope someone who can get this message to the proper people will.

  9. gfhfgxh says:

    Loser censor’s WHAT???

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