taiHENkaku updated to Beta 2, fixes PSN spoofing (temporarily)

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  1. Yyu

    I’m already have loco roco demo on ps vita to use adrenalin


      Adrenalin? It already launched?

      • Typhoon_Neon

        No. He’s just a troll that asks about adrenaline in every post. Don’t mind him. When it is released we will report on it 😀

        • Yyu

          heheheeeh, you watching me. nice.

          • Typhoon_Neon

            Hard not to when you spam in every article 😛 Don’t worry, when adrenaline is released I will tell everyone. Thing is, FloW said it could take a while. But he likes to troll so unsure if he was serious or not.

  2. Cerveru

    works it with psp isos?

  3. duran

    Psn spoof is going to down. awww. that’s bad
    well my ISP blocked psn acces anyway. so this doesn’t affect me that much. setting vpn just for psn acces is pretty anoying and slow

  4. Ed

    Once vita gets fully hacked, I hope vita or vita tv gets a Game Cube emulator. Playing an old school smash bros. on vita tv would be so nice. Multi player capable would be even more nice.

    • Medveitsi

      Dude how powerfull do you think the vita is?

    • TheTechDoc

      yeah then we can play doom 2016 in 4k too! look im not usually a sarcastic *** but seriously the biggest emulator you can hope for is maybe dreamcast, ps2 is still a pipe dream but some devs still believe it may be possible for the smaller ps2 games such as the space shooters etc , but for the most part psp and dreamcast is the most it can get to

  5. Drk

    Is there any chance of ban using psn real acc

  6. xerotyme

    Once taiHENkaku is out of beta will it be an actual custom firmware (CFW) like this article and the previous one have described it? As in, a one time install instead of running the home-brew enabler (HEN) exploit every time the system is powered on? If not, the author(s) of these articles should not tag it as a CFW to avoid confusion and getting hopes up. It would be awesome if in the end it is a full blown CFW but beggars can’t be choosers! 🙂

    • TheTechDoc

      it will be somewhat of an Lcfw like back in the psp days, still a full cfw but needs to be re installed upon reboot , apparently a whole new exploit would be needed to actually make it work from cold boot

  7. bwitzberger


  8. Alpmaster

    How is this another CFW? Correct if im wrong but if we do not have access to adrenaline then we can not emulate PSP or PS1 eboots?
    All custom firmwares had kernel access. Like when we used Promethius.

  9. Coco

    Anytime I try to downgrade my henkaku from the beta back to v6 it says can’t install this version of henkaku cause 3.61 isn’t supported. I’m on 3.60 should the email install do the trick?

  10. LarryNed

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