PS Vita 3.63 jailbreak – when will a HENkaku hack be released for PS Vita firmware 3.63?


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  1. Jesse


  2. HerbalNekoTea

    A smell some deja vu, oh yeah, right after 3.61, *insert some eurobeat*

  3. ModChipGuy

    Click Bait! Click Bait! Click Bait!

  4. FortuneTeller

    I cannot imagine the pain if I accidently update my Vita above 3.60……….I would feel like the most humiliated and broke person on this earth 🙁

  5. Coda

    You should consider some kind of Little Banner that Scrolls and Just says
    “Henkaku on >3.60 is a No-No.”

  6. Jgr9

    Your clickbait “No” posts are getting obnoxious as heck….

  7. The_That

    Jailbreak is for iPhones…

    • But people don’t visit the links if it doesnt have the word ‘Jailbreak’.
      Using the word Jailbreak gets more clicks = more ad money 🙂

    • Dessy

      jailbreak is a general term, it can be applied to any device, the term “jailbreak” means removing the walls, the sandbox, that was placed by the developer, yea I’d say the vita has gone further past jailbreak, but the term isn’t apple exclusive, its just the term that became the most popular in that community

  8. Chris.beanz

    Loved the article VICE published recently about Henkaku and saw they interviewed you as well, Wololo. Love the media attention for the scene haha great read for anyone interested in a quick summary of the scene’s development. YifanLu has a link for it posted on his twitter.

  9. Dmaskell92

    It’s sad that we need one of these articles for every new firmware.

  10. Oberoth

    Stop. Posting. The. Same. Article. Every. Time. There. Is. A. Firmware. Update. THIS IS CLICKBAIT. The same people dumb enough to ask for a firmware hack every update are the same people who don’t read any articles before asking the question. Do us a favor and stop posting the same thing over and over again.

    • smh

      and then u will just complain there is no articles instead,……there is just no pleasing people…

    • wololo

      There’s a good reason these articles are written, it’s so that noobs find them and avoid getting to the hundreds of scam sites that pretend they have a hack for PS Vita 3.63. You’re not a noob, as such you feel this was a clickbait article. I apologize for that, this is the price we pay as a community to educate those who, unlike people like you, don’t know better. Thanks for your understanding.

  11. solidsnake

    Nintendo Switch hacked!!! When will a hack be released?

  12. Chainy

    Something different, I know you will not like my comment: We have now since a few weeks HENkaku for 3.60… Myself, I am only a user, not a developer or coder. But what do we have now? A few emulators, that we can have on every system, some homebrew but nothing special or very useful, and the ability to play pirated games (but I don’t do this, I want to pay for good games that are developed over month or years and the game coders and developers have to earn their salary.) But is it too early to ask for a lot of homebrew games or useful tools? Or is the homebrew scene already dead? Or is it so difficult to code or port games/programs for the Vita? If I want emulators or cool homebrew, I still start my good old PSP… For what is a Vita useful today? It’s a nice peace of hardware, but where is all the cool stuff? Nothing from Sony / game developers anymore, nothing from the homebrew scene… Or am I to impatient? Anyway: Great work that HENkaku Team did, and great work of all homebrew developers / coders. I admire you!

  13. =D

    Great article as usual! However, there is a grammar mistake. In the last paragraph of, “Is there, or will there be a PS Vita 3.63 Vita Jailbreak?” “has” must be changed to have. Just thought I’d point it out haha!

  14. Fukoin

    What about ps4 any news.?

  15. RiotDX

    Sounds like somebody needs a quick refresher on the PS3 hacking scene: the PS3, which was originally released in 2006 (6 years before the Vita was released in the US), still requires firmware 3.55 for any hacking. Custom firmware versions based on higher firmware exists, of course, but in order to install it you need to either be on 3.55, or already have a previous Custom Firmware installed (which of course required 3.55 to begin with). Long story short: the magnitude of the features and freedoms granted by the Henkaku hack makes it unlikely that any equally comprehensive hacks will surface for future firmware releases. Most of the hackers will simply stop looking, and begin developing CFW and other things based off this hack, and those who do continue looking will face tighter security.

  16. Anon

    Why not link to he original websites of yifanlu?

    Why use

    This greedy.

  17. ZombieSlayer

    Yea i agree. Simply put. NO. And Wololo used some key words such as : motivation. That’s the problem. Back in the day, we only had the PSP. It was unique, goergeous, powerful. The gaming handheld king. Everyone loved it. Thus it sold well and even it’s games sold well despite PSP being hacked.

    Today who cares about PS Vita? if you ask skilled crackers, what would create a big news headline : jailbreak PS Vita, a dead system or PS4/Pro which is flourishing?

    PS Vita time has passed. We know it, Sony knows it. Smartphones and tablets killed PS Vita. And Sony greed for stupid and low quality memory cards yet very expensive. And other proprietary overpriced garbage. And when Youtube became increasingly big starting from 2011, Sony took another idiotic decision to :not release TV out cables for PS Vita or a mini HDMI cable. Even though PS Vita supported TV out from day one. People uploading to YT recorded footage ofcool PS Vita games, would have definately earned more interests.

    PSP had a chance because it was the best. No competition. And the modding community was huge. That could not be said about PS Vita. Dunno why people insist on cracking PS Vita, when even Sony stopped supporting it. Crack it to play what? some Hentai garbage? skilled hackers can earn tens of thousands of $$$ in the same time they would waste jailbraking PS Vita. And they should focus on PS4 or XB1 anyway.

    It’s a shame to see PS Vita go down like this. But it’s Sony’s own fault.

  18. Rumples

    How about

  19. quentin

    I just bought a vita in 3.60, and i wanted to instal a homebrew to run PSP games. I saw it required to have a psp game or demo installed, so I went on the ps store, and it told me i have to upgrade my vita. I saw there is a lot of tutorial to downgrade the vita, so I did it, and thought i could downgrade my vita after installing the psp game.
    I want to kill myself

  20. Nepsquare

    That was silly though, as you bought it especially in ofw 3.60, knowing that would be the last possible firmware to be on as you also can’t downgrade: You still updated.

    Besides you were already late for PSP. Hang on to the Vita though, it has nice cheap games on psn and in the shops.

  21. Zlatko

    Please dont say No!.. there are many of us (new Vita owners) that just got the device, upgraded it by not knowing entire story and are now hoping that someday someone will find a way to accomplish such monumental task (break device security scheme). Wish you guys many new exploits this year and lets hope for the best.

  22. ryven

    any feb 2017 update for 3.63?

  23. Lance

    Omg .. i accidentally bought a ps vita with firmware 3.63.. fml

  24. Brian

    There is any new update for the users of vita 3.63?

  25. moussa jb

    i don’t have any demo game on my ps vita 3.63
    when i want to nstall it from the store a message tell me to update my ps vita to 3.65
    soo can i insTall ark withou demo game
    (sorry . for my language im from morocco )