taiHEN and taiHENkaku released: dawn of the CFW dream for the PS Vita

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  1. Primula


  2. SeanP2500

    Things are getting better all the time!!!

  3. DSpider

    I thought there was going to be a “permanent” type solution for HENkaku. You still need to run the exploit every time you turn off the console…

    • nope

      Of course not, be happy with what you have. A lot more work needs to be done first before a permanent CFW is released. Hence the “HEN” part in Henkaku.

    • Leer

      The best part about this hack is if someone, anyone ever comes up with an exploit that runs every cold boot that this new framework can be easily ported.

      On the other hand, getting henkaku running from a coldboot doesn’t usually take more than a minute if one’s stranded in the middle of nowhere so I’m not complaining haha.

      • ramenking

        What im using is the offline email henkaku so i don’t need to connect to the internet each time i reset my vita.

        P.s great work guys…thanks for giving us a vita scene … much love

  4. Tommi

    taiHENkaku works with 3.63 update? Or what does that screenshot mean?

    • Typhoon_Neon

      That’s a screenshot of taiHENkaku running, spoofing the firmware version (which may allows us to hopefully play 3.61+ locked games) but as of now, that is not working.

      • StepS

        It will not allow you to play 3.61+ games, they are encrypted with a different key that lies above the kernel and is thus inaccessible from 3.60.

        • Typhoon_Neon

          I actually meant ‘may’ not ‘will’. I’ve fixed that in the comment. Thanks for the explanation tho.

          • StepS

            It still will not allow you to play 3.61+ games, for that to happen either a new kernel exploit has to be found in 3.61+, or a higher-than-kernel exploit found in either firmware.

          • Typhoon_Neon

            Do I need to give you the dictionary definition of ‘may/might’? Plus I did not talk in such definitive terms because we don’t know what lies ahead. Most of this stuff now was “not going to happen ever” a little more than a year ago. I used the term ‘may’ exactly because unlike you, I don’t know the future and what may come. So yes, it may happen. It won’t right now, from everything that we know about the system, but that may change a few months/a year from now.

          • StepS

            What I meant to say was that the *specific* version string spoofer you mentioned *will never* allow 3.61+ games to be played. Because that’s what your first comment implied. A different one will, of course. But the one mentioned is just a minor trick that doesn’t really do anything useful.

        • Byte

          It’d be interesting to get a writeup on this, perhaps on that Wiki, but I’m assuming 3.61 fixed the HENkaku bug (and enabled that key), and 3.63 fixes the KOTH-bugs. But I don’t think there were any new functions added that might break a retail game. In that case, once ‘we’ (more likely: our Chinese friends) obtain this key, can we then theoretically decrypt these games once the crypto is fully known?

  5. Primula

    the 3.63 is fake when you run the taihenkaku I believe you still physically on 3.6

  6. The_Zeth

    great news! Already working on my new youtube video 🙂

  7. N

    Am I the only one who actually considered henkaku to be a lite cfw (install after every reboot like some psp cfw) and knew this is what their intentions were? It wasn’t hard to figure out that henkaku is/would be a full cfw.

  8. Fallenleader

    Personally, I would love to see the horrid bubbles UI traded for the XMB. Being the bubbles UI supports 3D icons (the actual bubbles) , we could even see the retro icons done as 3D models and animated 😀
    If someone is willing to do this, I am willing to make the models and animations for such. While I may be learning to dev video games,the coding knowledge required for this is beyond my knowledge.
    Anyone interested in this should contact me regarding naming conventions, as I already have a standard in mind, namely for the animations.
    For those curious, imagine the music icon spouting out notes towards the top right when the section is selected, and the memory card icon bounces when hilighted. Movie icon will look like scrolling film, etc.

    • KiraSlith

      the “Bubble” shape appears to be hard-coded, otherwise games with custom Icon shapes would already be out. so if anything XMB-related comes, its doubtless going to be a outright replacement of the current UI. Be that as it may, I doubt any outright replacements are going to be around for any less than ANOTHER 4 years. its a really cool Idea though.

  9. m6mb3rt

    Molecule team leaves the PSVita Scene but released their finest work ever!

    Let’s hope the devs use and bring some powerfull plugins. Maybe i can still program some #LOL i really neead to #RTFM

    Thanks again for all your effort

    I <3 Team Molecule

  10. L@$tL3!D

    So there is no Possibility to fake a 3.60 Update file to be an 3.63 Update, so the Vita actually downgrade, instead of update itself?

  11. Wth

    I don’t get it. So this version is the last version? and will be forever a Beta?

    • Typhoon_Neon

      It is the last version but updates/bugfixes are coming. I stated that towards the end. But that’s the last thing we’ll ever get.

  12. Predator0808

    Team Molecule – you made Vita scene greater than ever. Thank you all for this hours of your hard work!

  13. drasglaf

    It won’t work with firmware above 3.60, ok. But what about below 3.60?

    • Anon

      What Yifan Lu said about “firmware-agnostic” part in his blog:
      “This also means that when someone ports over the HENkaku exploit to lower system versions, they do not have to re-build every patch from scratch.”
      Someone needs to find the correct offsets and such to run HENkaku on, say firmware 3.18, and everything coded for taiHEN afterwards will work on that older firmware.

  14. KiraSlith

    Thank you Team Molecule for all your hard work on the Vita, all your efforts have elevated the Vita far beyond anything we ever could have hoped for. with Sony largely abandoning the Vita we thought it was all over, but you’ve made the Vita rise once again like a Phoenix from the ashes, and now with the renewed official and unofficial backing we may see it flourish once more like DarkAleX and Co. did for the PSP.

  15. Dothackjhe

    Looking forward to the stable release of taiHENkaku! 😀

  16. SlippyWaters

    xyz nd yifenlu are on irc freenode. yo ushould go on there and offer our thanks 🙂 channel #pspcommunity. xyz is great at tutorials as well

    Owe a great gratitude to this talented and resourcive individuals for sure.

  17. Alex G