PS4 Backup running on PS4 Devkit (Video)


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  2. El cagon

    Ahoy!! Mateys arfff

  3. rednekcowboy

    I know Zec and if he is releasing something, it has merit and you can be rest assured that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. I haven’t talked to him in a while but the fact that this has come out is proof that there are people working on things and are moving the scene forward. Can’t wait to see what other goodies are available.

  4. ROCKMAN1216


    I wonder if this will lead us to be able to emulate PS4 games on PC, or fan port them, dumping the assets and recreate the game from scratch to run on PC

  5. Fimo

    “I assume any progress is good progress, although it is unclear to me 1) how much this actually helps people on retail units and 2) if there’s any information in here that hackers didn’t already have.”
    You don’t need a devkit ps4 to install games, retail JB ps4 can also do it ! (install uncrypted pkg in debug mode)
    Here a POC, a JB 1.76 retail PS: spoofed to 4.06 + running a modded GTA5:

  6. Edward carnby

    Hardy har har…we are waiting…..mwahahahahaha

  7. Gelson

    Nice notice.

  8. Amazeballs

    How do you become a hacker? Is that knowledge on Information Technology, Computer Science, Both or you’re just born with that talent.
    I’m just amazed really

  9. LHairstonX