Yifanlu explains Stage 3 of the HENkaku exploit, hints at a major upcoming update


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  1. StepS says:

    Congrats to the participants, always nice to see new developments come up like this.

  2. I hope this means more pirating

  3. Zeke says:

    “first, u beat meh, 2nd, i hope this means more pirating” – the four comments I could see as I started writing mine. Good work guys, give yourselves a pat on the back

    I look forward to seeing what Team Molecule do next, to be honest – might it be that back porting of HENkaku to older firmwares, or for 3.61 forcing Sony to do yet another hasty patch job while Team Molecule laugh, standing on their hill built out of kernel exploits other hackers have gifted them plus more than a few of their own? That’s my guess.

    I’ll read Yifan’s article with interest… not only an excellent coder but a great writer in the field of technology too. The Vita hacking scene would be lost without him, the rest of Team Molecule and TheFloW.

    Now THAT’S a damn comment

    • APRON-MAN says:

      with all the stuff thefl0w is doing with the pspemu porting to lower firmwares would be useless

      • Zeke says:

        Agreed. Just throwing ideas out there. All 3.60 needs to be the golden firmware is ePSP and PS1 Loader, the former is an excellent start.

        Oh it’s not quite on topic for this but if anyone has recent nightlies of RetroArch with gPSP working for GBA support let me know. My old September versions run GBA games with frame skips, I want the JIT support so stuff like Super Circuit hold solid 60fps because then I don’t need to get hand cramp using my 3DS for the same job. Vita form factor is better 😉

        • N says:

          Retroarch ps1 emulator is far breed than the one in the vita.

          • Zeke says:

            That surprises me actually, since 2016-10-20 nightly gPSP and VBA don’t run Super Circuit full speed – VBA is full speed everywhere but where it counts (the races) and gPSP can run full speed but randomly has huge lag and slowdown everywhere in the game.

          • Zeke says:

            Okay having briefly tested PCSX-ReARMed with SCPH1001 BIOS in place using THPS2 as test game I can safely say it isn’t better than the Vita’s inbuilt one as it constantly bogs down. In the hanger level as soon as you open the snowing outside bit with the tape the FPS can dip as low as 30 with assorted sound issues. My 3.51 Vita with TheFloW’s PS1 Loader exploit doesn’t do that.

  4. DJPlace says:

    not getting my hopes up for a 3.61 henkauk… that will never happen.

    • Baktillus says:

      definitely not.
      the vulnerability that enables henkaku is gone on 3.61, and there is no incentive in trying to find a new one there. 3.61 adds no features, no tools, nothing. “Stability” of course..

  5. Gio says:

    Major update ? Like 3.61 henkaku ver.?

    • Gerald says:

      more like a permanent hack to avoid the browser method, it would be nice… no need to hack it again every time it’s power off…

    • anonanon says:

      With how rare vita kernel exploits are, releasing one for 3.61 would be a huge waste. It’d be better to wait for a more substantial update. If someone updated to 3.61, that’s their own problem. Sell your vita and buy one on an older firmware.

    • Baktillus says:

      3.61 ha nothing 3.60 doesnt have, so what use would 3.61 henkaku be?

      • Polite Timesplitter says:

        Games that require 3.61, of course. Such as Dragon Quest Builders (full) and Darkest Dungeon

        • TibyAndy says:

          Dragon Quest Builders needs 3.60, but future games will probably need 3.61. World of Final Fantasy, for example.

  6. Captain Jack says:

    Let’s hope there’s a PS4 HENkaku soon since they now have an exploit for 4.01. PS Vita and PS4 running HENkaku now that would be amazing

  7. severdnerv says:

    Will USB Hard Disk drives be a possibility for the PSTV once this kernel thing has been exploited ?

    • SkyGrey says:

      Dude………I fully agree as being able to redirect USB drive as UX0 would be the bomb. I mean I already have 64/128gb USB thumb drives (even those low profile ones). The speed of $ony memory is so slow and the price so high. You can buy a new PSTV on ebay/amazon for less than $50….open up the USB memory and goodbye overpriced $ony memory….this is my most desired feature!