Vita Save Manager updated to v0.8

9 Responses

  1. finn845 says:

    initialization error, fffffffd on startup 🙁

  2. Bob says:

    So does this mean that I could copy my save from another psn account of mine on vita to play on another psn account with a cartridge game?

  3. Arrrggghh says:

    Does any one experience your all your Vita game data is delete after dumping the data, reboot Vita? Like thank God I imported all my Vita games data, bug I think there a bug where I need to constant go to my data manager and export my data, in other words, back up using the save data manager after I play, cause all my game data are deleted and I have to export it every time. I do not know if it’s after a reboot, but existing archive is constantly no save data until I export it.

  4. Ne0_Chan says:

    Will there be a new update or work in progress of this homebrew.

  5. Ne0_Chan says:

    Can i transfer my dump save from the older version to the new ones?