Adrenaline: TheFlow taunts upcoming PSP eCFW for PS Vita 3.60


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  1. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Awesome, looks like it may be time to finally update my 2.02 uno vita to 3.60..

  2. Predator0808 says:

    WOW. Now only PSOne Emu is left. After PSP Emu and PSOne Emu on 3.60 release, I’m updating immediately for HENkaku <3

  3. kditd says:

    how do i get a legit psp game, when i cant access psn?

  4. Bdogs says:

    So we have a full blown vita exploit and yet people are still wasting there time on a now classified as a retro handheld console. Cmon people make a vita cfw.

  5. Galaxias says:

    I absolutely love this scene!!!

  6. Chris.beanz says:

    Can’t wait to play my psp backups again with this. Been meaning to finish type 0 finally. Thanks TheFloW(and I assume coldbird as well) for all your hard work on this! Us end users really appreciate it!!

  7. Mat says:

    Luckily I still have numb blast

  8. Kev says:

    I got *** while reading this article. A huge progress in my opinion : )

  9. M says:

    Gonna be seventh this time around.

  10. Alpalus Slyman says:

    3.18 still has the perfect PS1 Loader.

    • Anon says:

      TN-X is by no means perfect but it does have perfect sound in PS1 games (as do TheFlow’s bubbles) and supports native Vita overlay menu (which is exclusive to TN-X and legit PSone games) in addition to save states and fast forward/speed-up (which are exclusive to TN-X).
      Seeing eCFW with XMB does make it very tempting for me to update when it’s released, but I still doubt I’ll be able to abandon my PS1 games.
      Hopefully someone will port PSP and PS1 emulators from 3.18 to 3.60, bringing TN-X and old eCFWs to 3.60 and making that a new golden firmware.

  11. VR says:

    Its all good psp games with dual joystick but people come oooon!!! It’s VR timeeee. Forget all this old generation *** lets jump to the future. Where is ps4 hacks?

    • NeonAera says:

      Old generations still rules.. They are what started it all. IMO, It got real good around the ’90’s, 2000’s.. Heck, people are still playing SNES games, N64 games, classic Capcom, old KOF SNK games, etc and also speedrunning some of them on the matches are still going nicely.

      Iunno about the VR and ps4 hacks. VR seems like a fad.. no offense..and the ps4, well, it’s hard as heck to crack since security is super tight this day and age.. gonna have to wait it out like how we waited for like what seemed for-friggin’-ever for a PSVita native hack haha. It’s been a good four years and like six months now or something after the PSVita was released in 2012. Times flies.

    • rockola says:

      In your crotch

  12. laflex says:

    3.60 here i come

  13. Aces says:

    If it doesn’t need to be an exploit game I’m set. Medievil resurrection

  14. Gux says:

    Happiness!!!!! Finally my Vita will be perfect!!! Simply inspiring

  15. Rit says:

    Is real?? fake?? Said the people that is a lie the theflow. Sorry bad english!

  16. test says:

    Does it have full psx emu support?

  17. Muffinz47 says:

    Super excited for it

  18. Yyu says:

    Wooooowwww. it’s very good news. at last, the flow do it. Thank you very much. When the release date? Please.

  19. Alaster says:

    Awesome! This is what I have been waiting for! 😀

  20. Fadi5555 says:

    Thank you for this article. But you forgot the most important feature on Adrenaline is upscaling graphics which is make psp games on vita more clear (I mean to become as a native vita resolution)
    This feature will bringing the life to psp games on vita (like ppsspp).

  21. Primula says:

    got 2 extra demo game bubble to use and still have a ark bubble and have a vhbl bubble =D. axing one of those demo soon!

  22. Gaze says:

    Sounds like its still going to be a while. I’m staying on 3.36 until the built in PSP and PS1 are working.

  23. solidsnake says:


  24. Zorax says:

    Does this mean PSP bubbles will be possible?

    • Anon says:

      PSP bubbles are already possible with TN-V, as long as the firmware supports it (so at least 3.18-3.51).
      3.60 can also create PSP bubbles from legit PSN PKGs with DEX Package Installer, but they won’t work without legit .rif license for your PSN account. You can still download the game YOU OWN from PSN to your PSP, copy its .rif to the Vita and make the bubble work. Going further than that requires patching Vita kernel and HENkaku hasn’t been reversed to that point yet as far as I know.

  25. Etigon says:

    What about TN-V games i.e. 101 in 1 Megamix?

  26. NeonAera says:

    WOO HOO!!

    This is so freakin’ awesome! TheFloW, you are DA MAN, BRO!! Can’t wait for the release. Man, the scene is really hot right now. Glad things are going so well for PSVita hacks; finally. I’m thinking an emulator w/ SFIII3S happening one day?? 😀 Kick @$$ imagining about the possibilities.

  27. MrSephi says:

    As soon as this is released I will be updating

  28. ryuu says:

    The part where you need a legit PSP game is where i’m gonna be stuck lol!

  29. juniorpsvita says:

    SfIII3 strike yes possible in henkaku.Youtube video.

  30. Max says:


  31. Dedark says:

    So to install and run adrenaline, you need to have a psp game downloaded from PS store?any game?

  32. Yyu says:

    TheFlow you are the best. Please Gods help him!

  33. Filippo94 says:

    Will installing this cause the legit game to disappear, or will I be able to just duplicate the bubble, and keep my PSP game?
    Or better: Will my legit PSP game be loadable from the eCFW?

  34. Zeke says:

    Okay perhaps we should all take a moment to check TheFloW’s Twitter…

    “yeah I can theoretically enable ps1emu in pspemu mode”

    Thus making 3.60 the holy grail firmware… so there’s that.

  35. Mezamir says:

    I can’t wait 😀 PSP/PSX games and XMB interaface on my Vita!!

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