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Last Ranker translation patch by flamethrower and EnglishSubs4All

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  1. Setzer Gabianni says:

    First!!! (need to try…. at least once 😛

  2. Pendu says:

    Hope Macross Delta Plus gets the same treatment someday. I didn’t like the Anime that much but the game looks so good. Its just too bad Harmony Gold exists.

  3. xTrain says:

    I must thank flamethrower and EnglishSubs4All I HOPE you guys have many wifes and everything good on life
    I w8ed so much for this release I hope someone do frontier gate
    but I hope this tanks reach those two teams I must donate for their hard work

  4. saku says:

    This is soo amazing!

  5. punit says:

    Hi help me I want to play this game but I am playing on android can you help me and tall me how to let this patch work

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