VitaShell 1.3.1 is out, zip file creation added

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  2. supergun

    Good post Typhoon_Neon

  3. i want to share an idea. can vitaShell have a prevention module builtin , so when an application attempts to install, it checks for any irregularity and block malicious code like deleting files from system partition. thanks

  4. sukfat d

    If atreau187 wants henkaku v.4 then I need to be allowdd to post on any given thread.

  5. sukfat d

    also I would like to know how he was able to resign ps1 iso’s as the original eboot.

  6. sukfat d

    ayreu187 contact me or explain how someone else gave you henkaku v.4,

  7. Magicus

    > A option to install an entire folder (I’m assuming containing VPK files, for batch installation) has also been added.

    Actually not really – in fact this function allows installation of Mai folders without using its dedicated tool. I have tested it several times, and works perfectly.
    In any case, it is great to see, that TheFlow is still working on this app.

  8. suus

    HI is it possible to disable sticks in vitashell ?

  9. DSpider

    So… he abandoned work on the PS Vita’s PSP emulator then? Because he announced THREE WEEKS AGO that he managed to get full access to it.

    What happened?

    PS: Why does this site say that I’m posting comments way too quickly?

  10. bacacho

    Change log 1.3

    *Added ‘Install folder’ by soarqin.

    This means that vitashell can install maidump games ???

  11. aramaru

    Seems decent. Filesize feauture is handy, especially since there are some trash files taking up my sd card space and I just can’t find them. However I’d appreciate if there was option to see size of individual folders, which would be even more handy. As it is now it’s just decent.

  12. Primula

    Just because they working on it doesn’t mean “we” are entitle to the release so don’t complain if they work on something else. Be happy he sharing things…

  13. mattsouce

    the flow has been working hard.he is even working on the pspemu by himself.all this negative comments is not helping anyone so if u don’t have anything good to say just shut up.

    • DSpider

      If PSP Emulation is unlocked on the Vita, I’m getting a Vita the same day!

      I keep refreshing this website in hopes of that. Still, 3 weeks is a long time… I don’t know what the hold up is (once you get “full access” to it).

      • TheFloW

        Writing the custom emulator firmware maybe? Do you think having an entry point does automatically mean you can run your psp isos? If you can’t accept that I am working on innovative features, then I will just release a poor normal ARK port, ok? I can just drop my work and do what you want if wished. People like you just *** me off.

  14. Yyu

    total noob where are you. please we need your poweerrr