IA/VT Modding: Add osu! songs to your game!

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  1. Rit says:

    Oh ***!! Is so cool!
    It.’s my favorite game

  2. Rolenzo says:

    We should probably have a post about how the wii u’s encryption keys were finally discovered

  3. Sakntech says:

    First???? Its a shame I have the original cartridge , cristal box edition :/

    • Swegl0rdZZ says:

      Yeah really a shame that you spent money on something you wanted to play (badly if it’s even a special edition) and now are able to play more songs

  4. Glauber Felix says:

    And how about brightness control Homebrew ? Is there any ? bright control in Vita is a SHAME!

  5. rinnegan says:

    ew taiko. i wish it was mania

    • Belmhunter says:

      .. It’s not Taiko. It plays very differently from it.
      I’d say it’s more-so like Project DIVA, but in lesser quality.

  6. MrComputerRevo says:

    Hello everyone! Anyone who wants to download this mod should use the new links as the one mentioned here are OUTDATED! Please use new releases instead of the old ones.
    “UPDATE: IAVT_Mod_Tool – https://goo.gl/Ee6xnt (10/19/2016 Fixed some more problems and enabled output from ffmpeg)
    IAVT_osu_converter – https://goo.gl/5BDKfh (10/19/2016 Added arrows and made insane osu! beatmaps a bit more playable on IA/VT)”

  1. October 28, 2016

    […] on modding and translations here at wololo, you might remember that when we reported on the IA/VT osu! mod, we talked about how excited we felt about a few other translation/modding projects that we had […]

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