Vita Moonlight Alpha 6, more bug fixes

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  1. Pirate Cat

    I take it that GFE is required to run this?

    • Rikku

      YES, Nvidia Graphic Experience is needed, even your graphic card need tobe supported nvidia game stream too
      If your graphic card not supported like me Nvidia 750M, you can go to nvidia community search for the patch to enable nvidia game streaming, kinda running some script run some python patch to verify that your graphic is OK to nvidia server, then the service will be enabled, now my Nvidia 750M support game stream tho~

  2. M

    First to say fist!!!!!

  3. benoitb

    Most useful homebrew on the Vita for me.

  4. onion

    i will try this!

  5. Yacir

    The link to the Gpu requirement s misleading, nvidia game streaming tech is in fact only supported by 600 series and up, too bad for my gtx 460:(