The GekiHEN Wishlist: Stuff I’d Like to See on Vita (Part III)

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  1. Rolenzo says:

    Still can’t believe how good retroarch for vita has gotten.

  2. slashmegaman says:

    mugen on the vita or pstv with online??

    would be superb. ^_^.

    I might even try on the psvita thru vhbl.

  3. Frejan says:

    I don’t know what can make me happier… A Port of Jazz Jackrabbit or a Port of something like mugen.

  4. solidsnake says:

    I still own my copy of Fade to Black. For some reason this game stuck with me. Most likely because it was the first of its kind and left its mark on me. Its funny though, I also remember it being really hard to control with a Resident Evil type of movement. Even so it is still great.

  5. Samsqwamch says:

    My Wishlist:
    – Beavis and Butthead – Virtual Stupidity
    – Duke Nukem 3D
    – Sim City 2000
    – The Sims (the original Sims for PC)
    – Aquaria

  6. Smoker1 says:

    Chicken Invaders
    Magic Ball

  7. FruitsEve says:

    How about Porting VLC?

  8. space1 says:

    More plugins, like a good screenshots plugin like on PSP => perfect screenshot in bmp or png

  9. Thetechdoc says:

    Its always homebrew games homebrew games and more homebrew games with these lists, yes its cool but the vita needs more system hacks first , like a cfw for example, though I realize its a stretch, its seems like the logical next step,

    also I would love to see system settings hacks such as the ability to disable the stupid freaking AVLS audio thing permanently, I know im not the only one annoyed by that stupid thing,

    Maybe the ability to copy content to the vita through vita shell without ftp?? I dont understand how that one isnt a no brainer, sheesh ftp is slow and annoying, ive been dealing with it since the original xbox days!

    My point is that while homebrew games are cool, system hacks and customization is more important imo.

  10. Elwood says:

    Can’t believe nobody mentioned Blood the fps PC game… the best. Now I know that Blood was not open-sourced, so probably we’ll only see Blood in Dosbox, and it will run VERY bad – even 2ghz quad core android phones have trouble running it in Dosbox. But it’s ok to dream about a native port, right? 😉

  11. Francesco says:

    What abouut an MMO? Something like Ultima Online or similar! With the touch keyboard of Ps Vita It would be Easy to cooperate!

    I don’t know if It’s feasible tough..

  12. Saint says:

    A program to read PDF on the Vita would be nice 🙂

  13. yomata says:

    If you want to reinstall henkaku while off line and without access to wifi then first make a system backup with the internal memory having the offline version of henkaku installed, but turn off your vita first, because with the latest henkaku your vita will be spoofed to 3.61 so make sure your vita has the offline henkaku installed but not activated just installed so your vita is on 3.60 when you make the backup.

  14. vatomalo says:

    I would like to see a VPN client

  15. alex says:


  16. pantsu says:

    Or maybe any dev could release an actual offline installer of henkaku that actually installs henkaku while your vita is offline, so for example if you can go somewhere and have access to wifi then you can visit and get your 3.60 modded with henkaku and once you go home where there is no wifi you can still install OFFLINE henkaku, I mean the exploit gets installed without an internet connection and yes you still have to use the email app to run the exploit. Maybe I am crazy but it seems like common sense to me that an OFFLINE installer should be able to install the exploit while your vita is OFFLINE.

  17. Mud says:

    I Would love some Vita Wagic in 2016. 😉

  18. MuskratDesman says:

    xash3d – port Half-Life for arm

  19. thatoneguy229 says:

    I would love to see a working version of Dangerous Dave for the Vita. That was the game I grew up playing on a floppy drive. So many good memories there.

  20. Dorkwave says:

    I love fade to black. It was my first ps1 game and I was much much too young to understand it. I do remember it fondly for it’s creepy atmosphere and excellent sound design. I wanted to give it another chance but emulation for fade to black is inaccurate and warps the perspective of the corridors.

    What I’d like to see on vita is a ps2 emulator. If only because I want Gradius 5 on the go, along with a plethora of *** ps2 style action games that I love to mess around in.

  21. REvErender says:

    Would like a ui change,
    Get rid of the bubbles and let us change the way we launch stuff.

  22. RickyCold says:

    I would love to have cspsp on the vita it was so much fun playing online this top-down counter strike shooter, playing this on the vita would be so great

  23. lollypop says:

    great pcsx-rearmed again !
    but what about pcsx2 !!!! lol
    at least i would wish.

  24. Alex Scream says:

    It would be nice to see Sonic Robo Blast 2 on Vita!
    Its basically DOOM mod and prBoom should hadle it.
    It has PSP port but with slowdowns. With Vita’s hardware and second analog stick makes it perfect place to play!

    Also it would be nice to have a BOR Engine port. There are plenty interesting games on that engine like Golden Axe Myth for example.

  25. DSpider says:

    Cool. But how about some PSP backups first, eh? It still not possible on HENkaku.
    The PS Vita just doesn’t seem complete without any PSP iso/cso loading.

    …and maybe PS1, sure, why not. But PSP first!

    • Bionox says:

      RetroArch Pscx-armed its already out buddy! play your ps1 isos there

      as for PSP back ups @TheFlow find out about the psp emu from a native side, so other people are working on it :D, you will be playing psp backups in no time!

  26. Zorax says:

    PSP / PS1 bubbles!

  27. Pakrett says:

    Why not a remapping plugin like macrofire on psp ? I would like to play Ratchet & Clank trilogy HD without need to use the rear touchpad…

  28. estebann says:

    What about some app that decrypt the PSN updates and allows the installation of original updates?

  29. Joza says:

    A decent web browser and how about a youtube client which allows you to watch videos longer than an hour!!!! Remotejoy style app for sharing vita screen with other devices and vice versa? Game cartridge slot should be hacked to support SD cards. Fully fledged vita custom firmware and a full speed Sega Saturn emulator, ahem… please?!?!?

  30. rockn1 says:

    i would like to see open bor come to vita or the zelda homebrew

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