The future of HENkaku: what’s next for PS Vita hacks?


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  1. Ticotico


    CFW please and cheaper storage 🙂

  2. Alan

    A cheap storage method would be great, but i’d like a more efficient way to play backups, be able to update and install dlc like the 3ds.

  3. froid_san

    as long as users as protected from unnecessary access from malicious homebrews automatically and not just via warning that can still be skip users will be wary of new homebrews and might affect homebrew development.

    do normal user really need access to those partition and extra permission just play homebrew or their pirated games?
    cant we have a normal Henkaku with limited access and a dev denkaku with extra access mush like rebug and normal cfw

  4. prothesenpeter

    Which game is the one displayed in the emu picture? Or is it just a demo?

  5. nebu187

    cheap storage is what most people would look for imo.
    i have a 64 gb its ore then enough but not everyone wants to spend that kind of money just for storage.
    A cfw would be cool but not really necessary as henkaku is fine by me the way it is.
    what would be really cool is a memorycard to usb adapter for a hdd on the pstv!

    • DarkDante

      How long have u had the 64gb card? Mine lasted 2 years then died, but with all this excitement with henkaku Im tempted to bend over for Sony and get another one

  6. Zern

    How about the mystery port of PCH-1000?

    I think this is stupid but what if we can make from game carts into sd card adapter like cobra black fin?

  7. Matt

    Id be interested if an android port would be possible at all, vast library of games.

  8. Mewaria

    Bluetoth keyboard and mouase contability in everything, even apps and games!
    And a Notepad++ editor for the psvita so you can programm lua scripts without the hassle
    to ftp the data around…vitashell only allow to use the keyboard when pressed (x)

  9. Alice715

    >nano SD card
    wait what?

  10. Hellgun

    YouTube homebrew again.
    Rss reader, with audio and video playback.
    Stream videos from NAS
    better browser (hard one)
    Ftp/file manager with touchscreen (no pc needed)
    Kai (online server) like.
    Hardware add-on for R2 / L2 (it’s your fault Sony) for ps1 and ps4 games.

  11. Lala

    We need an updated tutorial on battery mod that uses a Samsung battery instesd of the psp. Also no pcb is the okd tutorial even safe to use?

  12. Darko

    It would be great if someone could find a way to access the USB port on PSTV, potentially this coul be easier than a memory stick adapter…

    PSTV already reads data from the USB but apparently only firware updates…

    • nebu_187

      Yes I have read somewhere that its impossible because its not connected in the right way on the circuit board.
      so i think without hardware mod no way.
      But hey that would be the easiest if it could be done

      • Darko

        I’m not sure about this… voltage polarity is correct (otherwise it could not recharge joypads)

        The only other supported function is updating the firware from USB… if it can read and install firmware data why could it NOT read other data from USB? accessing the USB (even as a read only memory) would be a cheap and practical solution to expensive memory stick… moreover if some sort of media player would arise we would have a small little box packed with functions…

        at the moment

  13. roningoku

    Save converter for ps3 games

  14. Aces

    I have no problem paying for your games, but jeez Sony, the price of your memcards suck.
    I understand the need to make them hard to reverse, but I feel saves could’ve been handled by on cart storage including anticipated DLC, for everything, encrypted sdcard, maybe even per psv encryption, but damn those Vita memcards

  15. Sladey

    Give me a Dreamcast emu and I’m content with my Vita, maybe a Dolphin emu for GameCube too but that’s just wishful thinking 😉

  16. Jgr9

    Filler articles, obviously.

  17. Ivor

    USB support for the PSTV 🙂

  18. Smitty

    support for 3.18 (or at least TNV-11/PSP/PSX on 3.61). USB support for PSTV would also be great.

    • ihaveamac

      I hope you mean 3.60. also the pspemu was hacked already, so it’s just a matter of time until ‘eCFW’ works on 3.60.

      • Smitty

        I meant port it to 3.18 of course if the ecfw ever surfaces for 3.60 then it might be time to update.
        3.18 has everything I want except the ability to play all my newer Vita games. But maybe that is no longer an issue with whitelist. (I assume it works on 3.18?)

  19. Oh No.

    Let’s get real, do you honestly believe people will honestly have a reason to buy the Vita if there is an emulator? Please don’t put that into place. It’ll kill the Vita and you know it. We are trying to keep the vita the alive, not kill it. They made a PSP emulator because PSP merely had its time.The Vita has POTENTIAL. Don’t kill the Vita, before it is truly born!

    If someone wants to really do something ***HOW ABOUT*** we all try go revive the lost Dreamcast Emulator FOR PSP that was closed source and forgotten 9 years ago!!! Almost ten!!! THAT WILL MAKE A CHANGE! THAT, WILL TEST THE TRUE LIMITS OF THE PSP!!! We say we are done with PSP, but truly we are not. And to prove it, we are literally using the Vita’s PSP emulator, just to get Emulators to work?! Let’s be real now?!

    • ShadowInfinity

      Are we? The things being run on Henkaku are *native* Vita apps, not things run on the PSP emulator. It used to be that way before Henkaku, of course.

      In fact, they’ve only just recently hacked the PSP Emulator, and that function isn’t even in current builds yet. So how can we be ‘literally using the Vita’s PSP emulator, just to get Emulators to work/?

  20. Paolo

    Ideas that i propose:
    1 – loading games via usb pen drive, but vita must have otg usb
    2 – streaming video from pc to vita via usb to use vita like a cheap vr screen to use with google card board (vita has gyroscope

  21. Leires

    Would be cool to see some sort of USB streaming for Vita, akin to umm..Remotejoy? That would be fantastic.

  22. juniorpsvita

    Program PS3 games convert psvita
    Sony talk easy conversion no very hard.
    Ex:Street Fighter vs Tekken.
    My Dream:Ultra Street fighter IV PSvita
    Sorry my inglish.

  23. Yifansmybich

    Straight up piracy is the only thing that will bring it back from the grave.Emulators are a waste of time you can play all those emulators on a pc. Not a lot of noteworthy homebrew games have been made either. Nothing too impressive

    • Bionox

      Piracy brings all consoles back from the dead , no surprise! but hey if there is no piracy then a console its not worth it ( for most people )

  24. meysam25

    cusstome fw will be great

  25. Rez

    Dreamcast emulator for me!!!!

  26. juniorpsvita

    Dreamcast emulator for me!!!!

  27. Huehue

    Dreamcast emulator for me!!!!

  28. gobulle

    – otg USB cable
    – hdmi out and cable with the hidden port
    – a ps2 emulator

    • Gamr13

      Don’t expect an otg usb cable… I believe the hidden port is directly connected to the battery. So again, don’t expect anything being done with it. I highly doubt the Vita is powerful for PS2 emulation…