RetroArch Update: Dynarec now working on PicoDrive and gpSP!

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  1. Charles Fasano


  2. Fadi5555

    How can I show PBP files on vita by pcsx?
    It didn’t show that files at all. Any method to do it please?

    • Adrien

      Never ‘move’ an iso/pbp to your folder, always ‘copy/paste it’.
      If you move using SHELL, it will NEVER show up.

      I copy using Qcma in a PSP savefile then copy/paste to the iso folder of retroarch.

      • Primula

        Well this reply answer my mysterious question I had… that I would have notice sooner or later since I did do something similar to fix it but didnt notice that the underline issue…

        • Adrien

          Took my three days and a big nervous breakdown to find it.
          Now Red alert, Nuclear strike and colony wars work like a charm.

          .Glad it helped !

  3. chan

    please, how do I configure this GPSP is RetroArch? I put the bios gba.bin in ux0 folder: data / RetroArch / colors / system / but nothing happens also put the roms in zip format … I do not know what to do …

  4. piggggy

    Can’t load use the lateset 2016-10-05_RetroArch build. I’m sure put the bios file into ux0:/ data / RetroArch / colors / system
    gba_bios.bin sha1: 300c20df6731a33952ded8c436f7f186d25d3492

  5. Adrien

    What is the point of porting gpsp or pico drive to retroarch ?
    These emulators are already working fullspeed via VHBL, Henkaku is not even needed to launch the bubble !

    I hope this work will help N64 and Dreamcast emulation though.

    • Rolenzo

      GPSP on VHBL doesn’t play advance wars or Golden Sun properly. Retroarch is slower, but provides way more accurate emulation.

      Also, retroarch has way more customization options and cool sleek menu.

      • Adrien

        What are you talking about ?
        Advance wars works flawlessly on Gpsp/VHBL !
        I’m even currently playing it (campaign and skirmish), along with metroid fusion/zero, mario 4, zelda minish and metal slug advance.

        I don’t know about Golden sun.
        DC emulation someday ? THAT would be something biiiiig.

    • M

      That is a big *** lie.

  6. Maike

    Waiting it on MAME.

  7. sdmblack

    Is there any way of downloading this stuff directly to my Vita?

  8. only1rockn1

    i cant get vita organizer to recognize playstation emulator .vpk from retroarch when i tranfer manually through filezilla it gives me a ds emulator idk if this emulator works

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