Taiko Drum Master English Patch v1.0

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  1. MaxiExtreme


  2. Mustapha ali

    first one say first

  3. tiduscrying

    Awesome to see you guys reporting on our patch! Thanks! Just one little note though, dasding didn’t work on this one! Nagato was the one who gave us all the tools and everything this time around!

    • RaphaelDDL

      Good job man!
      Now I’ll totally buy the game on play-asia to play it \o/

      I’ll go check gbatemp but in any case, got any other games on the translate list? Was hoping someone that knows japanese would translate Luminous Arc Infinity 🙁

      I can provide a dump if needed.

  4. Anonymous

    If the patch is from the same person, why is it so much harder?
    via http://wololo.net/2016/09/15/release-iavt-translation-patch-nagato/
    Installation instructions for IA/VT translation patch:

    Extract the resource folder within the patch file to ux0:/app/PCSG00355/.
    Overwrite any data as required.
    [No save loss]

  5. mixedfish

    “What Namco Bandai fails to realize”

    Bandai Namco hasn’t failed to realize anything, licencing a game like this for the west would be a nightmare because you’d be publishing songs in the west with record companies that have no interest in selling their songs to other regions but Japan.

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