Warning, PS vita brickers in the wild

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  1. zalibidas says:

    Geez. Next up for homebrew… PSVita Antivirus. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Im First and ur not says:

    WOAH NELLY, well that’s some usefull info, thanks!!

  3. gbot says:

    Strings can be easily encrypted so your option is no go
    Would be wiser to search for a vshIoMount call

  4. Outland8770 says:

    Has anyone heard about the 4.00 ps4 jailbreak from ps4portal? Is it a hoax? Im to skeptical to attempt. Still have my spare 1.76 unit collecting dust waiting on a breakthrough.

  5. Anywherebuthere says:

    I am not looking at wololo anymore psxhax is where i am going now they got me up to date on basicly a month worth of stuff
    Thnx Wololo :/

    • BobbyBlunt says:

      You should give yourself a history lesson on that site. They used to have a habit of taking other people work, editing it, and claiming it as their own. Many PSP bricks happened as a result.

    • Dalton_Corazon says:

      nyah this guy just telling the old GURU wololo is now old hahaha needs fresh sites.

    • PSXHaX is just PS3News regurgitated, their news is filled with poop and stolen from places like Wololo, headlines with click bait titles etc, if you are five years old, it is the perfect place for you, but for grown ups Wololo is the place to be

  6. Anywherebuthere says:

    ohh and 4.01 ps4 update came out :/

  7. Brandon says:


    Please stop the full page ads on your site. I understand the need to advertise but it’s a bit excessive. I’m going to start using an ad blocker here if it doesn’t change.

    • Kudzero says:

      Show us on the doll where the ads hurt you…

    • Filippo94 says:

      I had two fake virus messages, one opened in a new tab, the other just updated the page I was reading. Sticking with AdBlock for a while, untill I’ll see these ads stopped.

    • joby says:

      Yeah, this site is getting irrelevant now. Other sites are putting out new content much faster than Wololo nowadays. All the guest bloggers here seem to have quit too, apart from one or two. All you’re gonna get here are weekly deals on PSN lololol

    • Grandpa says:

      You’re right. Usually I browse from my phone and more often than not when scrolling, I accidently click on the ads which is annoying. Might enable Adblock for this page soon if it doesn’t decrease.

    • mohand says:

      use AD Block + in your browser

  8. kco says:

    Sony’s Revenge

  9. Hell_Driver says:

    Nice idea, have no compassion for pirates, Thumbs Up

  10. zx says:

    Maybe it’s time for the HENKAKU exploit to update and focus on psvita system file protection.

    • Quade321 says:

      Create security for a program whose purpose is to defeat security. It’s so contradictory it might just work! That would be kinda nice if they could implement something like Android’s permission model. “This app is attempting to modify os0: is this okay?” But I doubt it’d be very easy or worthwhile. Would probably be too easy to get around. So far it seems like this is just piracy stuff though. It’s not really a big deal.

  11. Thetechdoc says:

    Far out why do people create this ***? What are they gaining? People who create things like this I was to smack repeatedly on a desk.

    Really though if your downloading vpks you should be using vitamirror , not reddit pages or anything else

  12. geos says:

    can’t you simply enable safe mode with safe-mode toggler?

  13. meysam25 says:

    that sock

  14. Stiffeno86 says:

    Just a word of warning, probably wasnt the best idea to include all the specific details of how to brick a Vita in this post….you are just asking for ppl to try it (both ignorant ppl wanting to “test” this, and those who will use said info to develop MORE malware!).

    Maybe some of the community devs couold get together and create a plugin or homebrew (or windows based app) that checks for those strings or other sus stuff in VPK’s and other files – ala Vita AntiVirus…even though its technically not a virus as it doesnt replicate, its a Trojan.)

    As a side note, we should also update the Homebrew contest to NOT allow Antivirus homebrew for Vita to be entered into the comp, because that might just cause some of the jerkoffs in the community to start flooding the scene with Trojans just so ppl “Need” their Antivirus to be safe…which sure would win them a lot of votes in the comp.

    So yeah, we need a Vita antivirus plugin/homebrew, but an open source free for all to use kind.

    TBH, im kinda tempted to brush up on my rusty C/C++ skills and create one myself, but being a single parent doesnt leave me with much free time for such an endeavor.

    • itsreallyhappening says:

      how is an anti-virus a good idea? anti-virus is a blog joke( a good one! ). a real anti-virus would only encourage bad people to bypass it with more viruses, turning the whole ordeal into a cat and mouse game.

      easy virus bypass: encode the string or obtain the value by enumerating devices. what will your anti-virus do then?
      lets say you capture it at the unlink() level, a new method will be developed that won’t rely on file deletion or do supervisor calls directly. what then? will you keep the anti-virus up to date for eternity?

    • geos says:

      not even a trojan, it just plain NUKE

    • Daniel says:

      Making how the malware works public is a better way to fight it than keeping it a secret. You ask for an open source antivirus, which works because the code is public and anyone is free to see how it works. Those capable of writing code for the Vita would have easily been able write such a simple piece if malware and keeping it from the public only allows more people to brick their vitas

      • Stiffeno86 says:

        Yes I see your point, re-reading my post I can see I contradict myself lol. As you said, anyone could just look at the AntiVirus code, see what its looking for, and then do what its trying to stop.
        Though its still possible to alert the community without giving out exact details on how to recreate said trojan/malware/nuke.

    • itsreallyhappening says:

      nice SJW mods here aylmao

    • ro ztzua says:

      no rust needed captain fancywords who thinks that difference btw. trojan and virus lies in replication

  15. sagex says:

    This issue has been happened for over 3 days i believe this site is late to post

  16. UTX-san says:

    Worth mentioning

    and I believe Vitaorganizer has ways to switch a dump to safe mode turning off permissions that allow it to access important files. I use SafeDump currently, but no idea if this method is foolproof.

  17. MyLegGuy says:

    Now I kind of want a version of VitaShell that’ll never let me install unsafe vpk files. Ever.

  18. SniffinPopRocks says:

    Sounds like the Vita scene and the Xbox 360 scene need to talk. A Vita version of abgx360 is what is needed. abgVita anyone?

  19. poop says:

    I guess Vita shell should implement something that searches for the vs0 stuff.

  20. geos says:

    3ds fanboy strike!

  21. Akabane87 says:

    Is there some way to hook api calls in a suprx in order to make a plugin that would check the destination of any API call able to erase/open in write mode any file from the system partition, and would have a role of safeguard for any running app ?

  22. Reza says:

    We need supersu for android its same thing.
    Or henkaku needs a dev mode and user mode
    If we could setup henkaku like this it would be great

    Henkaku acts as kernal xploit gains root
    Based on mode of execution (dev,user) it then will start an app in userspace or system space accordingly now im not sure if usrspace has access to the kd folder but it seems to me sony wouldnt allow their devs to write code to brick the system but im not really well versed in the vita hardware
    If the normal games that launch can access the kd folder then were gunna have to figure out how to hook the delete function and add a directory check with blocked directory list

  23. PLSTELLME says:

    Is there a way to purposely brick my vita running 3.61( it updated on its own)?

  24. billy says:

    As long as you install it through vitashell or molecularshell it doesn’t brick your system
    comment by yifanlu himself on gbatemp
    The Vita doesn’t allow this to happen. We specifically gave homebrew all that extra power because something something owning the device. We quickly realized that trolls might abuse it (duh) which is why we introduced the safe homebrew system. As long as your eboot.bin is set to “02 00 00 00 00 00 00 2F” at offset “0x80”, it should not be able to wipe the nand. There is no reason not to mark all pirated dumps with that because by construction, games do not require the extended permissions (duh). However, it is up to the user (and whoever wrote the installer utility) to check that the permissions are set. We cannot do this without establishing some sort of whitelist/signing system and then we are no better then sony. Therefore, if you go installing stuff without using molecularShell/VitaShell then it is at your own risk. You might install something that bricks your system. If you want to be 99.9% safe, just stick to molecular/vitashell and don’t install anything marked unsafe unless there’s confirmation it doesn’t break your stuff. This should be common sense for any computer user (who goes installing random drivers, for example) but unfortunately console hackers are too naive.

  25. DJPlace says:

    wow what a bunch of jerks.

  26. froid_san says:

    Just wondering about this phrase

    “The reason this code was able to run is because the eboots of both dumps were not marked as safe, meaning that HENkaku allowed them to run with full permissions”

    if it is not safe why henkaku allowed it to be run? isn’t it supposed to only allowed to run if marked safe?

    • Knofbath says:

      Early game dumps made with the leaked Vitamin dumper are all marked unsafe by default, the safe flag was added later.

      Unsafe isn’t really the best description for it, it’s more like “Requires Administrator privileges”, which Henkaku allows because some tools need Admin privileges.

  27. Blazerald says:

    Would it be wise to make a hash based verification of dumps from legit sources and compare them. I don’t know how many methods there are to pack and modify a dump that would make a dump hash library difficult, but it might be worth a try unless I’m missing something.

  28. a.sh says:

    what about 6F 53 30 os0???? is it safe

  29. Montae says:

    There needs to an abgPSVita to verify game rips and repair infected or damaged eboots and such.

  30. fu says:

    yeah cool scene you have here….

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