TheFloW has managed to modify the PS Vita’s PSP emulator, Coldbird taking over to port ARK eCFW to FW 3.60!

The Zett

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  1. Mahmoud zidan

    Great guys , i really admire you , the flow , and the zett
    wish you the best of luck

  2. Chris.beanz

    Great news to hear, can’t think of anyone better to handle this. Welcome back to the scene MrColdbird 😀

  3. Mo Poge

    Can’t we play PS1 backups now via RetroArch?

  4. I,don't agree

    *** ‘the zett’ taking reputation, though being helpfull, but greedy in the very end 😉
    Kudos to all the others.

  5. The Flow

    This is a great news for us stealers and pirates. Will need to steal more psp games now!

    • The Zett

      Technically enabling the backup support is not illegal & stealing.

      You, the user, decide if you want to run legit backups or pirated roms/isos.

      That is like selling/gifting you a crossbar that you may or may not use for breaking into someones house to steal some stuff.

      Your decision what you use the crossbar for, we only provide you with it (which isnt illegal), you decide if you want to do something illegal with the given things or not.

    • guisadop

      Nobody lost with me pirating games, so you can’t say it’s stealing. Copyright infringement ok, but not stealing.

    • JK0cr

      I have a good collection of psp games in UMD, however my old PSP got damaged, but can’t play them in my vita, except if I buy them again in digital. This is useful for people like me and I think that it is not stealing

      • true but..

        While I totally 100% agree with you, by law though this is still technically stealing unfortunatly :/

        • Frank

          This is not if he owns the UMDs

          • Localhorst86

            Maybe morally it’s not wrong, legaly it’s still piracy.

            But I think the PSVita has very little storage and the 32Gb or even 64Gb cards are very pricey. For the same price of a 64 Card you can pretty much a real PSP (used), a photofast CR-5400 adapter and some cheap (but quality) microSD cards, allowing you for up to 2Tb of PSP games (I myself use 2x32Gb microSD cards, giving me 64Gb of storage just for PSP games).

            Still, cool effort nontheless and who knows, maybe being able to use the second analog stick in the PSP GTA games would be worth playing them on the Vita…

          • BenoitRen

            The law specified that you had to make the backup copy yourself. Downloading it from the internet is illegal. So (s)he would have to dump the UMD himself/herself. Probably won’t be possible with a damaged PSP.

            I’ve heard that recently, though, even making a backup copy isn’t legal anymore. 🙁

          • Schadows

            It is because, per law, he doesn’t own the software nor the rights to duplicate it. He just own the UMD (physical object) and the right to use the software on it.
            Hence, ripping the UMD is forbidden.

            Some countries like France let’s you make a backup copy of any software you own (and are still owning), but you still don’t have the right to workaround any security (encryption, etc.) to do it, otherwise your backup is illegal.

            Silly , but that’s the law u__u

            Whatever, I already bought again on PSN (during sales) most of the PSP games I still play from time to time, but unfortunately, some aren’t available on EU PSN, or even on any PSN

      • seanp2500

        yo on the real i got mad umds and the umds themselves fall apart as well here here these things should be considered…a broken blueray ps3 i resurrected can attest to the magic of hax

  6. Ragnarok


  7. Guy

    Is there anything other than Vita news?

  8. delta191

    OMG!! I’ve been playing with RetroArch PS1 emulator for 3 hours, it’s been really good, just been playing crusader no remorse! remember that one? lol.

    Then wololo hits us with another Fantastic scene announcement! I can’t handle all this good stuff for the Vita, it’s Like Dark Alex days on speed!

    Resistance: Retribution, killzone liberation, tiger woods 2008 and Ultimate Ghost N Goblins, Gran Turismo………oh my…….pass me a drink! No! I’ll pee myself.

  9. Stranno

    What did exactly TN-X in order to archive native sound emulation?

    • Steve

      TN-X didnt achieve sound emulation, TN-X used the ps1 emulator baked into the psvita, and just hijacked what it was doing to do other things, and sound was already figured out by sony themselves

  10. Novax2

    Simply amazing

  11. Achoo

    Can’t wait! Big thanks to all the developers who are making this possible 🙂

  12. Insane Mex

    Great news 🙂

  13. SkyGrey88

    This is thrilling….who really cares if we get shell like TV-V as long as we have a launcher for our ISOs and CSOs. As to the whole piracy, uhhh last I looked PSP is dead and $ony kind of *** on us all when they told us their would be a UMD capture mechanism for Vita and there never was. In addition many PSP games where never available on PSN in all territories. I hated giving up eCFW especially on my PSTV so getting that back will be a big plus. Thanks Flow and CB………and FLOW you are the bomb dude! Thank you for all you are doing………….keep up the great work!

  14. Gaze

    Uh, pretty sure TN-V’s source was leaked by Qwik at some point.

  15. Belmhunter

    Why not ask TN-V (aswell as TN-X)’s developer himself? I am sure he would kindly lend it’s source code to the willing. As in, he is obligated to.

  16. AciDBatH

    This would be awesome. Thanx to all the devs who have made the vitas fun again. Looking forward to see what other goodies the vita has to offer.

  17. The Ayy Lmao

    TN-V can’t be easily ported because you (TheZee) and Qwik’s petty drama/trolling nonsense long ago with Total Noob. If your useless *** hadn’t provoked him into specifically wiping YOUR Vita memory card, and Qwik hadn’t gone crazy leaking ***, we wouldn’t have lost a valuable scene contributor.

  18. Not First

    First! heck no I aint and who really cares! Talk about a “dream team” of developers. Awesome news and awesome system. I am really loving my PS Vita right now.

  19. Psxvita

    I liked TN-V over Ark because of the psp xmb. But as long as it plays psp backups who cares for now.

  20. Trunk208

    Wow thought cold bird left the scene? Dark_Alex coming back?

  21. Stiffeno86

    Fight Night Round 3 while on long bus rides? YES PLEASE =D

  22. Dillweed

    Finally feel like a ps vita is a good investment now.

    • BenoitRen

      Because you can use it as a more expensive PSP? What a joke.

      • Teddy312

        no, because it potentially can do anything on 3.60

        Smooth 30/60 fps emulators including N64 Emulators
        PSP games, PS Vita games, PS1 games.
        Potentially Android since the vita is running an ARM Processor. So android can be “easily” ported.