RetroArch Update: PCSX-ReArmed now working!

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  1. Westerleyd

    Tested Brave Fencer Musashi its runs great!!!!!

  2. pspz

    trying to play .pbp files but it doesnt recognize the file.
    not able to see it.
    Anyone tried it?

  3. Daniel Whalen

    Why would you want to ditch the PS1 emulator built into the PSP emulator? Is it less accurate than the PS1 emulator on the PSP? I ask this because the PSP’s PS1 emulator is capable of running any game I care to download and convert to an eboot. Full speed, no graphical glitches, etc. Even games not on the store like the Discworld games work.

    • Ethan Weegee

      Nobody is coding for that emulator yet. Even TheFlow, who released Adrenaline in the first place, isn’t going to be doing anything major until February.

  4. Pixel Shader

    Waiting adrenaline to come up with PSX on PSP emulator 😀