Developer TheFloW gets access to the PSP Emulator on PS Vita, asks for PSP hackers help


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  1. john

    maybe you can shrink psp games to a smaller size then you will have more room on your memory card and maybe you could do zachary the same to ps1 games

  2. Daipop

    Isn’t easier to port henkaku to lower firmwares? to 3.18 or 3.36 were a PSP kexploit exists?

  3. Galaxies Chaos

    I agree DSpider and drasglaf with PSP and PSX. I can’t wait!

  4. FreePlay

    Well helloooooooo.

  5. NeonAera

    Heavens yeahhh!! TheFlow you da the man, bro. A PSP emulator would be be divine.. I’m actually still on 3.18 with Talkman Travel Tokyo and TN-V exploit lol. What can I say.. reason being is I just can’t let go of the PSP games yet. If the PSP emulator comes to action natively on the PSVita, I’m finally going to go with Molecularshell, install HENkaku, Vitashell, etc. Hope PSP hackers lend you a hand soon. If I was a pro PSP hacker or something, I would’ve volunteered for sure.

    Anyway, hats off to you, dude! Great job

    And as always, thanks for the great news, wololo.


  6. CaraMierda

    AYUDEN A TheFloW, quiero jugar a dante`s inferno psp

  7. CaraMierda

    THANKS TheFloW

  8. Y3RT

    PSP and homebrews are exactly what I bought the first gen PSV for, not for its own games; which are junk.

    Eventual Android on the PSV would be icing on the cake.

  9. Kerry

    the flow is from germany *.* geil gemacht bro

  10. Jack Attack

    An easy, no fuss way to get PSP, and hopefully PS1 back on the Vita would be wonderful, especially if you could enhance it or control it more. There are too many PSP and PS1 games you can’t officially get on the Vita and the Vita’s screen and controls are too good to ignore.

    It’d be the ultimate Sony package and what Sony should have freaking done in the first place.

  11. BeatPlay

    I could help! Better Amphetamin is getting boring to develop after some time, so why not do something different? Or something old made different like PSP-Amphetamin or a plugin that changes the PSPemu render to full Vita resolution or with AA? The vita sure got the power for that when clocked higher than 41mhz (im talking about 222mhz)! Its insane what we could do with a suprx loader for PSPemu! TheFlow if you dead this: Im in!

    • Chufye

      Thats Ma BOYYYY!!!! Thats ma Boyyy right dehhhh!!!!

    • Tail870

      First: PSPEmu DOESN’T uses GPU.
      Second: to change PSP game’s resolution the game itself must support it. Or it will be like scaling (as it’s already developed).

      The rest is pretty o-ke.
      Write to TheFlow somewhere here:

      • BeatPlay

        Thats not completely right! It might cause graphical glitches, but its possible for example you can emulate N64 at1080p60 with 16x AA and you cant tell me that the game was meant to be played like that ;D Another example on Playstation side would be PS1 and PS2 which you can also play 1080p60.

      • cyberangel22k

        You can change resolution in PPSSPP. I’m not an expert but I think it’s possible.

        • evilpaul

          It’s possible to write an emulator that uses higher internal resolution, display resolution, implements anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering (on consoles where it’s possible, which don’t included the PSX; I’m not sure about the PSP), etc.

          If Sony implemented pspemu with Software Rendering on the Vita, then you can’t just make it somehow use the GPU and switch to Hardware Rendering. And overclocking the GPU wouldn’t do anything other than make it consume more power to draw a 2D image to the screen as it basically idles.

  12. Rufis_

    New golden firmaware soon!

  13. breno

    meu ps vita e Corpse Party e Street Fighter® Alpha

  14. Reza

    Why cant they just publish their findings ? Eventually if they go thru with all this stuff more likely than not it will be released as a app later but still to speed up the process it makes sense to me to just give everyone acess to this discovery at least get credit for the discovery and its not like a serious vita kxploit is around the corner if ur on 3.61 ur sc*** nothing for sony to update that they havent already so giving a emulator trick that works on 3.6 and not after doesnt seem like a big leak to me and it would allow people who dont have time them selves to get credit among the scene enough to work closely to have access to said files. And atleast everyone can submit what they find to prgress the scene as a whole i get it if its a issue of sony copyright etc but there are posts of exploits on this site from previous kxploits even programs dedicated to delivering payloads etc and this isnt even a kxploit its a exploit for a emulator that runs on a system that needs a kxploit to even do it in the firstplace so i doubt thats the issue.seems to me the vita hacking scene is filled with non stop drama over credit if i found a new system exploit and didnt have time or skill to develope it further id release my findings so the world can finish it for me the idea is ill still get credit for my initial findings that made it all possible.

    • StepS

      If you’ve been following TheFloW’s twitter, that’s what he was planning to do (release the ‘exploit’ and let someone make an eCFW). However, he has now handed the code to Coldbird, to have ARK ported to 3.60.

  15. StopBeingEntitled

    He found a way, he does whatever he wants with the information. You’re not entitled to him sharing it or whatever. If you’re not happy, find a way by yourself.

  16. Stiffeno86

    Oh please god let someone make a eCFW, I would kill to be able to play Fight Night Round 3 on my Vita!

    I mean Sony sell FNR3 on the US Vita PSN but not the Aussie/Euro store? ***

  17. 1234

    That’s a really long sentence.

  18. turbonerdayylmao

    Finally I can play sotn on my vita at 60hz. I made the mistake of buying sotn on the EU psn store and it was 50hz. Couldn’t get my money back either.

    The psp version has the bad L+R transformation controls and is not usable for what I wanted with it.

    Hopefully they will pick it up.

  19. force53

    So should I go out and buy some (any) PSP game from PSN now while it’s afaik still possible to do on a 3.60 Vita, or how likely it is that any time soon it’ll be possible to use whatever will come out of this hack without any pre-existing installed and activated PSP games?

  20. Kaze Okami

    This is going to be amazing for PS TV as we will finally be able to play any PSP game in full screen on a sweet TV display, unlike the PSP’s crappy component cables.

  21. Ben

    Just bought a ps vita on 2.12 and want to be able to play psp games where do I start ????

  22. Ben

    Just bought a ps vita running 2.12 I want to be able to play psp games where do I start

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