vOpenTyrian updated to v1.1 (GekiHEN Contest Entry)

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  1. Jesse


  2. epy

    “While GekiHEN hasn’t been going on for long, I’m sorta disappointed the only things we got out of it so far were this and Rinnegatamante’s LuaIRC. Hopefully things will pick up going forward!”

    man, this is gonna be a pretty straightforward win if this contest dosen’t pick up. I’m not complaining, though. I’ll just keep having fun with vOpenTyrian.

    • Captain Pugsy

      It could mean the final nail in the vita’s already sealed coffin. I would join the contest, but I’m at a loss of time and ideas (and probably a little skillset). I want to do something interesting that takes advantage of the dual joysticks, but have no idea what. Shoot me a comment if anyone has any! Maybe near the end of November when school finishes. Here’s hoping to a competitive gaming competition that can drag the vita out of the ashes.

  3. DS_Marine

    Test comment. I don’t get approved!

  4. DS_Marine

    OK I’ll say it again: Tyrian was developed by Epic Megagames, the same guys that did the all time classic One Must Fall 2097 (Have you seen ‘real steel’ movie?). In fact, there was a data cube that revealed who really won the OMF final tournament.

  5. Konr@do

    Buying Vita, for plaing old dos games… I will never understand these people 😀

  6. cpasjuste

    Playing Old dos games on a portable device Can be cool 🙂

  7. 5ham5h33r

    I hope someone thinks of releasing something like a java emulator (running jar games?) On Vita.. sort of like pspkvm

  8. xazsaz

    Tyrian is amazing game, it was a perfect fit for PSP and its controls, I highly recommend it to anyone, gameplay aged very well after all these years.