Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.3, auto-overclocking added

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  1. Dante

    Frist (?)

  2. Yank147258

    second? :v

  3. dumbass

    Stop to make an article for each version ***

  4. Oh no.

    Guess who’s third?

  5. joey

    how do i set the clocks back to default?

  6. CappDog

    This is advancing like crazy… it’s awesome. Some games run oh-so-much better.

  7. thirdguy


  8. TheRealSlimShady

    Guess who’s last?

  9. rico

    How to permanently set to over clock?

  10. PhutVicka

    damn AoT runs so much better with this.

  11. hi

    your direct link is 3.2 instead of 3.3 🙂
    dont forget auto_oc=1 in config.txt

  12. Maxximus

    Circle Jerk!!!!

  13. Zeke

    Here’s an interesting thing I’ve noticed about using Better Amphetamine. This happened before it even existed, but it’s allowed me to work out there’s a strange quirk to how the Vita handles it’s graphics.

    Unless the GPU is clocked to 111mhz or below, it can’t achieve maximum brightness. Certain games go darker anyway, I always wondered about that.

    For my part, I’d say Need For Speed: Most Wanted – the one game I’ve tested for more than a few minutes – is actually a lot more immersive because the game engine kicks up the framerate enough to notice and appreciate. Not that it was bad before, but the feeling of speed really works better when it’s smoother. I’ve tried God Of War up to the first save point and that too is an improvement, not as big as it isn’t a good port that’s well-optimised for the Vita, but still noticeable.

    Great work started by TheFloW and continued by BeatPlay. I wonder if we’ll see just one more level of GPU over clock available. I’m not sure if the five year old battery in my Phat Vita would last that long with it, but hey, I’d gladly lose an hour or so and have better gaming experiences when I do play.

  14. Crzo

    This guy is seriously spamming this website with all these articles who all happen to be minor updates of already covered releases…

    “Better amphentamin 3.1 has been realeased”, “Better amphentamin 3.2 has been released, “Better amphentamin 3.3 has been released”…

    Seriously, I don’t think needs a hundred articles about Better Amphetamin getting updates…

    • Stiffeno86

      Tell me, what have you released for the Vita?

      This site is about Vita news, and an update to a popular Vita plugin IS news.

  15. Crzo

    I guess will be spammed everytime a new version of this homebrew cimes out… Do you really need to write an article for every minor Better Amphetamin plug-in?

    • Zeke

      A year ago people moaned there was no Vita news, now people moan there’s too much. :rolleyes::

      • LHairstonX

        XD so true

      • Crzo

        I never complained there was too many news you stewpid two@… You missed the whole point…

        I don’t think every time a minor update for this homebrew comes up is relevant enough to make a whole new article and be posted in the front page… That was the point.

        I rather have 1 or 2 articles that actually add information when something imteresting happens rather than spam the website everyday about homebres getting minor updates, probably release a weekly article exclusively about new updates on existing homebrews…

        Was that too hard too understand????

  16. dave

    why this plugin only works for me on one game, on the others long pressing select button does nothing. These games are VT 2.0 dumps and have steroid.suprx included. any help?

  17. Stiffeno86

    Has anyone else noticed their saves going missing after using this plugin? Im not 100% sure its this is the culprit or not, need to do more testing. But ever since using this plugin my FIFA 14 saves keep vanishing =/.

    If this plugin turns out NOT to be the blame then accept my apology!

    NOTE: I am not saying this plugin IS causing it, just that it MAY be causing it.

    • Stiffeno86

      Could also possibly be a Vitamin 2.0 problem as FIFA 14 was installed via a dump of my legit cartridge ( Didnt wanna have to swap out carts for each game).

  18. nerdypunk

    I used amphetamin first on AC3 and it works, but it doesnt worked on my other games such as, The amazing spiderman,uncharted and need for speed, any suggestions pls…

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  20. ICanHazMuffin47

    noob here– how do i install this?