Release: VPK Mirror Direct Installer – install Homebrews directly from your PS Vita


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34 Responses


    Now this is much easier than transferring over FTP or QCMA because it takes up twice the space of my Memory Card.

    • babijoee

      heck yes. this is what we needed

    • Loute

      It does exactly the same thing, when the app is downloaded, where do you think it goes before being installed?
      It needs some more empty space to be installed and I assume the script deletes the vpk when not needed anymore. So that everything is clean.
      What we have here is an app that leads to a good lot of homebrew and where the installation is made easier for everyone but it’s no magic.
      By the way, reading your comment leads me to understand you keep your vpk even after the app is installed, just as a reminder you may delete your transfered vpk right after the install is done 😉

  2. Nirav

    Can’t wait to see my playstation 4 to get jailbreak like this.

  3. Lord Zero

    Looks quite useful. I need a registry editor.

  4. Greenwater

    This is a must download and sort of homebrew network

  5. ModChipGuy

    Nice, But does anyone even like flappy bird? Makes me wanna break something!

  6. Hardin

    What a great app! Thanks SMOKE!

  7. dyay-em

    Wow this slis cool. I hope this can be done on other files as well such as psp backup

  8. geos

    ok, why not just “pure” homebrew-store app instead of using web browser?

  9. miike

    how do i install it?

  10. concretecork

    This is Great! The most used feature I use on PS3 is PSnetsrv and due to storage limitation on vita, PSVnetsrv would be the greatest homebrew. With that said, this release accomplishes the same thing doesn’t it? If we can download VPK from a web browser, then it should be possible to do this on our own private networks! We should be able to put a private ip address into our browser and pull up our personal VPKs.

  11. Frank

    How do you install it?

  12. Quispmix

    Yeah, I can’t seem to get my ftp client to reach the vita no matter what I try. I don’t have access to the wireless router, so I cant enable ports. I tried to use qcma but that just crashed and wouldn’t connect to my vita. (I’m not a noob but I’m not that tech savvy either. Since the initial install app for VitaMirror is a .vpk, I don’t see anyway around my problems 🙁

    • Seanp2500

      Port 1337?

    • Jambon316

      Could you not rename the file to “seems legit.txt” then attach it to an email.
      Set up the Vita email clirnt
      Send the email to the address you set up in the Vita email client
      Save the attachment+rename back to homebrew.vpk

      I haven’t used the Vita email client at all. It occurred to me that Sony could totally write an email app that cant save attachments.

  13. Sayash

    What Vita is that? I can’t find that metallic red for the 2000. And it’s not the new announced colours either since they haven’t been released.

  14. Jacobson

    Its not working well for me. After it downloads and instalas quake and hexen they don’t run at all. It gives an error…

  15. matthew

    how do you install this I cant find the vpk file in the folder