Vita Save Manager v0.5, saved game encryption and decryption added

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  1. Nekoshak

    wohoo, thats great,

  2. Rolenzo

    Okay: 2 questions

    1. So this means that…we can now backup legitimately installed games and restore the save data from them???

    2. Are these backed up saves universal? For instance, could I take someone’s maxed out soul sacrifice save as my own?

    • Magus Power

      If you read it would help.
      You can back up psn save games and dump them then use them on your vitamin dump.
      You can’t re encrypt them though.

      • Wakamu

        well you can still re encrypt them using MajorTom’s trick , so you can still comeback to legit with your save after playing with dump

        • KiraSlith

          Exactly, “one of the devs in the scene to go missing to then later return as a White Wizard.” My butt. They are using a automated version of Tom’s trick, they already CAN write back to it and just havn’t written the code. They could store the unencrypted save in RAM to write back into the PSN game’s save folder, shouldn’t be a problem for saves less than 100MB in size. Even then, there are likely even better workarounds than mine available to the devs with just a tiny bit of research.

          @TYPHOON_NEON please stop jumping the gun with these claims of impossibility when we already know it is possible.

  3. Marco

    Is this update allow disgaea 3 to use it in disgaea 4?

  4. sagesx

    Another update again can u release the full potential on this tool so we wont have any more probs in future

    • mopi1402

      For 0.5, undumped games (legit one, which you boughts from PSN and which are encrypted) are now supported, so you can backup your decrypted saves, and do what you want with them.
      On 0.4.1 and bellow, you may only got save from dumped (Vitamin/MaiDumpTool) games and cartdridge.

      For example, you can now play with your Final Fantasy X that you bought on PSN, launch this homebrew, got the decrypted save, edit it with a save editor (from your computer), and send back to your vita thanks to this homebrew… and launch FFX to play with your modded save.

      Forthemore, you should be able to share saves which each others, swap between legit and dumps versions (to play with plugins), etc etc…

      As I already said, I suggest to backup the ux0:/user/00 folder each time before using this tool. If something goes wrong, you will be able to restore your saves manually by putting back your backup folder.

  5. Wakamu

    well we already could dump decrypted saves for digital games with MajorToms trick ,this tool is simply an automated process, i don’t see the real breakthrough here :/

    • mopi1402

      Yep 🙂
      But you may save time by using this tool rather do it manualy, especially when you do it several times!
      Furthermore, a lot of people don’t know MajorTom’s trick, or don’t want to do it themselves because it’s a bit annoying.

      • Wakamu

        yeah but it seems weird , the post almost make it look like it was something never done before, without mentioning the work of other devs it was based off x) .
        It is even implying that it’s impossible to reencrypt the saves but using the trick you can so it’s worth to mention this ^^

      • Aurizen

        Do you have to be logged into that account that is linked to, or is it ok if the game is on the same system but you’re on a different account?

  6. BenoitRen

    I have no use for a tool that forces me to decrypt my games. 🙁

  7. Zeroba

    Has anyone managed to get a save from a legit game to work on a dump? I’m having issues… Help would be appreciated greatly!

    • Zeroba

      Nevermind, got it working. Seems I needed to dump the save with savemanager then move the folder to ux0/plugins and import save on the dump with rincheat

    • Myst32

      Start with the game installed from cart, dump the save, install the dumped game and then use the import function in the save manager.
      This worked for me on 0.4 of the manager.

  8. d3m3vilurr

    i have questions to having `cannot re-encrypt problem` users.

    what your console type? vita1000/vita2000/pstv
    what game? also share title, region, media type and game encrypt/decrypt info
    can be decrypt save normally?

    someone report work well, but someone report fail, i don’t know what make this difference.
    for example, Rinnie said `rinCheat code work to me`. but i got a save corruption after import with rinCheat.
    so i decide diff method for save import.

    i guess, someone find what environ diff make problem, can fix this problem.

  9. d3m3vilurr

    i need to help from users who got a re-encryption problem.

    please share you environ.

    * device type; vita1000/2000/pstv
    * game info; name, region, media type(digital/cartridge), encrypted/decrypted game
    * can decrypt save data?

    i was tested rinCheat’s save import, my game occured data corruption.
    so, savemgr’s import process not equally implemented for fix this problem.

    basically re-encryption problem look similar this issue.
    (someone work well, but someone not work.)
    so if we can confirm environ factor about cause problem, we can fix them.

  10. cao

    Doesn’t work with gundam vs force.

  11. Regg1e_

    Awesome, now I can finally continue playing my Binding of Isaac with my original save files 🙂 Hope it’ll work, gonna try it now.

  12. ferky

    i cant do with original FFX

  13. anon4wink

    While this homebrew is good and all, I do hope that the program can encrypt save data, because my dumped game, Trails of Cold Steel 2, can’t seem to find my (dumped) Trails of Cold Steel 1’s clear save data unless it’s encrypted. 🙁

  14. isabel

    is there a way to encrypt a save data that is decrypted? I want to buy an original catrige game and use my save data from the dumped game