mGBA reaches stable v0.5.0, GB/GBC support added

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  1. splinter wood says:


  2. Yyu says:

    Thank you, but i want play psp game on vita ver 3.60 , can’t someone do it?

  3. Alvion says:

    wop this is great actually some days back im been wondering if they were actually working on those emus.. can you confirm any other work in the others emus?

  4. delta191 says:

    can’t browse (up) to select where my gba files are stored, exits back to splash page everytime i try going (up)

  5. Mustapha says:

    Thank you very much for developing a such beautiful emulaters
    Thank you devs

  6. Yskar says:

    Thank you, this emu is so awesome.
    Please, add some shaders when you have some spare time..

  7. Paul Allow says:

    Still no savestates though. 🙁

  8. TehCupcakes says:

    Typhoon, while I appreciate the quantity of articles you’ve posted, sometimes the reporting quality is a bit lacking. Namely, you need to proof-read your posts. There are far too many grammatical errors like “emulator developer by endrift” and “such as Golden Sun are still chug a lot”. Also, you lack the objective voice that Wololo maintains in most of his writings, as your biases find their way into many of your articles. This one in particular is not a problem, but trash-talking Sony is not exactly what I would expect from high-quality journalism, even if there are some valid criticisms. All opinions should be stated as such, and in a respectful manner.

    This is a gaming site, so maybe I’m taking things too seriously… But I just wanted to express my concern because it does impact my experience and satisfaction here on

  9. splin says:

    0.5.0 can’t load *.zip of GBA ROM under ux0:data/mGBA/ of folder. Then I copy the *.gba file of ROM into ux0:data/mGBA/ still not working.

    • Primula says:

      I can’t figure that out yet either… some rom seem to work some don’t… if u have conflicting rom in a folder with it then the whole folder is not shown in the emu. Yet at the same time the sav files from previous emu is shown in the emu and vitashell show all the file… maybe future update might fix it but I don’t see a user tweak to fix it.

      • Primula says:

        A few more tinkering…i read 7z support…. and messing with another emu with similar issue…. the folder itself still had issue until i made a new one in vitashell and then the emu saw it but it finally see it all and run if the game is in the 7z archive. The save file save outside of it so that fine… 7z -_-” go figure why you cant read gba file easily…

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