The GekiHEN Wishlist: Stuff I’d Like to See on Vita (Part II)

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  1. snk4ever says:

    Music streaming homebrew: the Vita has expensive storage so it makes sense to stream and an excellent quality headphone output (Wolfson DAC).

    An HTTP streaming music player. Enter the URL of a web radio or HTTP stream ( and the Vita buffers and plays the music.

    A bit more complex:
    An MPD client, with HTTP streaming capability.
    An example of such an application is MPDroid on Android for example:

    It enables to control the playlist and playing status of a MPD server and if requested also plays the HTTP stream on the Vita.

  2. Zorax says:

    PS1/PSP to VPK, I’d love to have a Crisis Core and a Vagrant’s story bubble on my PS TV.

  3. DinohScene says:

    Quake 2 would be amazing.
    Only thing missing on the Vita.

  4. Dave says:

    I would really like to see an app that allows using the ps4 controller to play native vita games including button remmaping option. (I’m not speaking about remote play)

  5. Kazuya101 says:

    I am pretty sure someone has asked this, but the usb port on the pstv is just for charging as far as i know. Is there a possibility (hardware mod) to change that so we can connect keyboards? Would love to have that for dosbox games.
    Oh and my wish list a perfect ps1 emulator And something that allows YouTube and netflix to work. I prefer the vita screen to a phone any day


    port Super Mario XP, pc game

  7. Arm port says:

    SOmeone is porting morrowind on android

  8. Zorax says:

    PS1 / PSP to VPK, I’d love to have Crisis Core and Vangrant’s story bubbles on my PS TV.

  9. Eric Smith says:

    Halo’s great but I would LOVE to see the original Marathon Trilogy from Bungie on the Vita (showing my age here). It is open source and currently has builds available for Windows/Mac/Linux. It also supports LAN/Internet play. Bonus points should be awarded for network play capability on a Vita port!!! 🙂

  10. Yskar says:

    An CBR/CBZ Comics/Manga reader.
    Epub/Mobi Ebook reader.
    Functional PSP and PS1 emulator (internal or not).

    Seriously HB devs, do it! =/

  11. Yskar says:

    And WAGIC, i miss Wagic so much since my PSP broke…

  12. leshmutt says:

    well, al i want to see is :

    ps1 / PSP emu
    SNES emu – dedicated / native

    thats pretty much it for me and this is why i bought a vita and i havent switched it on for like a year or 2 so i need to start playing around with it again since all this is happening 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. GringoHisopo1993 says:

    – Play psp on on the Vita with henkaku.
    – A good n64 emulator.

  14. beyblade says:

    Some better video player.

  15. Alvion says:

    Is possible to the vita to run citra 3ds emu?that will be awsome if can be true btw don’t be rude I only asking if is posible

  16. Anon says:

    Pc98 would be nice if possible, same with a port of yumme nikki

  17. carb0n says:

    An .swf player would be great on the Vita.

  18. Show says:

    Sending and receiving text app and dialing a Call and receiving a Call app just like a cell phone can do since we have the 3G function.

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