Vita Save Manager 0.3, backup your saved game data

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  1. Chris.Beanz says:

    Nice, had a feeling a tool like this was going to pop up soon. Glad we have somewhere to keep our decrypted files safe from s0ny now. Also first? lol couldn’t resist, sorry.

  2. Rolenzo says:

    Only works on vitamin maidump 233 games.

    It’s becoming more tempting to abandon my psn account and start over with a random one.

    Great release, though. Thanks much!

  3. Aurizen says:

    Great I want support for Vita games that’s for PSN titles. I hope that comes soon

  4. xKirit0 says:

    Will this work with a game from savefiles in cartridges to a game you dumped?

  5. Brandon says:

    Yay easier save backups and first.

  6. Fredrick Sylar says:

    I’ve always wished somebody would add a feature to homebrew like this to sync save files with Google Drive or the likes for backups and using on multiple devices.
    Would you, TYPHOON_NEON, deliver this request to the developer?

  7. sagesx says:

    i cant play the game after using this

    • Dalton_Corazon says:

      yeah you are not alone.. After you run the tool it goes to the game and becomes the tool.. I do not know why it is release yet when this tool automatically goes to the game bubble and start the processing there for backup save data purpose. Thus, even you close the game the tool process is still in the game and cannot run the game anymore.

      • Rhodderz says:

        If im right this uses the “patch” exploity stuff.
        If yougo into UX0:patch there should be a folder with the code of the game. Delete that (or back it up) and then try runnign the game

  8. mopi1402 says:

    @d3m3vilurr :
    version 0.3 seems to only works with dumped games, not legit games.

    @sagesx :
    Open VitaShell and enter in the folder of your game (for example ux0:/app/PSCB00395).
    Just delete the eboot.bin and rename the backup one to eboot.bin.
    Now, you can play again to your game.

    • mopi1402 says:

      @d3m3vilurr :
      version 0.3 seems to only works with dumped games, not legit games.
      On legit games, there is an error : C2-10362-2

      @sagesx :
      Open VitaShell and enter in the folder of your game (for example ux0:/app/PSCB00395).
      Just delete the eboot.bin and rename the backup one to eboot.bin.
      Now, you can play again to your game.

  9. GoVitaGo says:

    0.4 released

  10. mopi1402 says:

    @d3m3vilurr :
    It would be nice if you might add the support for undumped games in the 0.5 version !

    I suggest you to put you eboot.bin on the “patch” folder of a game, not in the game folder itself…

    I think Vitamin works that way :
    1 – altering add.db by replacing the eboot.bin value with party eboot.bin (vs0:app/NPXS10027/eboot.bin)
    2 – opening party (it will open the manual) which decrypt all the game !
    3 – copying the eboot of Vitamin in the patch folder of the game we want to be dumped
    4 – executing the game (the eboot of Vitamin is executing because it’s in the patch folder)
    5 – dumping the whole game (it’s mounting and decrypted when launch)

    In our case, just have to got files from savedata0: because it’s decrypted…
    And If you alter a file from this mounting volume, it will be encrypted when savedata0 will be unmount 🙂

    Hope this may help you to add this supports. Could be great !

    For people who wants to save datas from undumped games, this is how I process 😉

    • d3m3vilurr says:

      mopi1402, 0.4.1 released. please check this.

      • mopi1402 says:

        Thank for your efforts.
        However, it’s not working for me because I’m using a DIGITAL legit game, which is install in ux0 (as a undumped game).

        So, could you please just :
        1 – check if there is a eboot.bin in the patch folder, and rename it to eboot.bin.orig
        2 – copy your eboot.bin in the patch folder, no matter if it’s a dumped or undumped game.

        eboot.bin from ux0:/patch/ folder always has priority over ux0, or others…
        So, don’t worry if the game is dumped or not, just put your eboot in the patch folder, and it will works.

        Sorry if I’m not very clear, and thank you for your application !

        • d3m3vilurr says:

          i also use this app with my legit physical cartridges, also my friend have legit digial games.
          we never get any problems, but yes, some users still report to me about launch app or decrypt/encrypt problems.
          it’s too hard to fix cuz i haven’t these games

          so always patch welcome 🙂

          • mopi1402 says:

            perfect, I’m waiting for your new release.
            I’m very confident about that, and I’m pretty sure it will fix launch app and decrypt/encrypt problems 🙂

            Thank again !

  11. hasrk says:

    this is great work will definitely save space and time

  12. HotTropics says:

    Those games o,o; this guy has got good taste!

  13. Pointer says:

    @Typhoon_Neon – you are wrong about “Having to backup 3.1GB of Ar NoSurge when all I want is to save the game data is beyond unrealistic.” – because that would back up the encrypted save.

    This backups up the DEcrypted save.

  14. RCheese says:

    I have successfully copied a savedata of Resident Evil 2 from my PSP (CFW) to my Vita (locked) and worked with the PSN version that was installed. I did manually and just overwritten the files via FTP.
    Is the procedure for Vita-Vita games different in the way that you lose you data?

  15. mopi1402 says:

    @d3m3vilurr :
    I just patched your homebrew and processed some tests. Now, I can dumps my saves from :
    – undumped games (with or without patch) => tested on Final Fantasy X and Asphalt Injection)
    – dumped games => tested on Ridge Racer
    – cartridge game => tested on Soul Sacrifice

    Feel free to test it and get back the source code :

    If someone want to test, there is the 0.4.1b release in this folder :

  16. Ralph says:

    in which folder does the saves alctually save?

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