REminiscence Vita 0.4.0, EBOOT file fixed, now marked as safe

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  1. Sa says:

    Please port simcity

  2. Bah says:

    Thanks for the update, no more warning from vitashell 🙂

  3. elbarto says:

    I am not having any luck getting this to launch. I am unclear as to whether the original files go in ux0/app/data or ux0/data as the changelogs on the 2 releases show different paths on each. I have tried many variations of placing the original files in the dir but have had anything but a failure to launch. Could someone please explain in more detail for a novice? Thank you. And thank you to the dev for this port!

    • bah says:

      For version 0.4.0: extract and copy the all the files from .\flashback_delphine\fb\data to ux0:data/SOMO00001/DATA
      Works great for me. Select button changes the screen stretching amount.

    • Bah says:

      I replied a few days ago but the post never got approved. You’ve probably figured it out but just in case (for 0.4.0):
      -Extract Flashback –
      -Copy all the files from “.\Flashback – REminiscence\flashback_delphine\fb\data”to “ux0:data/SOMO00001/DATA”

  4. Methoodius says:

    Music plays too fast when Amiga files are loaded to data directory. Is that a known issue?

  5. melchieor says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the music? I loaded the sound files including the Sega cd speech files but the music plays too fast and the speech makes the program crash. I am using ver. 40

  6. melchieor says:

    Sorry for the double post. I meant to say I am also having trouble with the speech files from the sega cd version 🙂

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