2DGameBuilder: a promising Game library for PC, PSP, PS3 (and Maybe PS Vita?)


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  1. Vindio


  2. ModChipGuy

    Looks cool, Currently on HumbleBundle is a deal for gamemaker pro for $1 and there are modules available for easy porting . There is a psvita and ps4 module available if you apply to be a developer.

  3. Teddy312

    Awesome, gonna keep my eye on this project

  4. Filippo94

    That’s awesome, nice to see such things, especially to be compatible with the PSP

  5. Sushiboiiii

    More platformers, just what we needed! kappa

  6. Crazygamer

    Yes to all of this

  7. Xyrem

    “I got contacted recently by the author of this tool who would like to gauge the need for such a library.”
    As junior game designer, I’d love to check into this for the vita aswell.
    Time flies quickly away so having an easy to use engine like this one can only increase the motivation of people who could do something to actually digg in.

  8. G11P

    Such tool/editor/builder is capable of changing the way creating games.

  9. lincruste

    Not impressed. It’s cool if he gets it done some day, but I’m not crossing my fingers, I don’t trust one man projects anymore since DaggerXL and Bob’s game.

  10. TehCupcakes

    This is really cool. Admittedly, I probably would not end up using it since I am proficient with Game Maker: Studio and it would be much faster for me to develop a PS Vita game with that… Not to mention it could be released and sold as an official game, rather than homebrew as this tool would allow. Also, I’m certain this tool won’t be able to match the power of more professional game development tools out there. It’s still an amazing work and the type of thing I would love to develop just for the experience… But if I’m honest, I can’t practically see myself using it because the alternatives are more enticing.

    Others may be more open to trying this tool. If it is very accessible to new developers, that is one way to draw in people that may have never delved into game development because they just didn’t find the right tool that appealed to them. I noticed that a runtime environment exists for multiple platforms, but there was no mention of the development environment… It is my opinion that the platforms that really make sense for development are desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac). Individuals and companies alike have tried to make game IDEs on video game consoles before, and they always fall short in terms of performance, flexibility, etc. I hope for your sake you are focusing your time on making the IDE for Windows and Linux, where most developers spend a large majority of their time already.

  11. Yap you are right exiating solution are not even comparable with this. This is something done for fun and to learn. Is just a hobby. Is sonething it gives me satisfaction. The development environment is Visual Studio C++ using GLFW, OpenGL, imGui, Libpng, zlib and box2d. The GUI is coded using the imGui library which is minimalistic and simple. It currently compiles for Linux and Windows. With a bit of effort an OSX compilation should be possible. With a bit more effort it can even run on PS3 🙂 Is still new and not mature but i want this to be something extremely easy to use, u just run it drop in some graphics and start designing. I am building this so I can design a platform game i have in mind but wby not share it so others can reuse it? I want to believe once I open the source others will also help to make this a very powerfull and easy to use tool…..