IA/VT Translation Patch by Nagato

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  1. Alvion

    tales of innocence R progress?

  2. YZ Rum

    Even if I have no experience in translation, would I still be of use if one of the devs there can teach me? I’ve been wanting to translate “Nights of Azure” & “I am Setsuna”

    • Me

      Is it even possible to decrypt PS4 nights of azure?

      • YZ Rum

        Nights of Azure came out in Japan as “Yoru no Nai Kuni” for both PS4 & PS Vita respectively. It was only released as Nights of Azure for the PS4. I have the Japanese version for the Vita but I was hoping to get it translated so I can play it on the go.

        • Pointer

          You didn’t answer the question.
          The answer is no, we can’t decrypt stuff ps4 yet.

          So at the moment, it would still be easier and faster to manually copy word for word the ps4 english translation than re-translate the text for vita.

  3. TheThat

    Nice! I Will make a tutorial video!

  4. froid_san

    I think somebody or a group on reddit are doing the Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] and Fate Hollow/Ataraxia translation

  5. Baby

    Very *** nice

  6. Mud

    Phantasy star nova please.

  7. Octos

    This is everything I have been waiting for. Give me some Phantasy Star and Tales.

  8. BeatPlay

    I will surely help to translate! (I can translate to English and German)

  9. yattoz

    Whoaw ! Never thought of fantrads ! That’s amazing ! Thank you Nagato !

  10. Aceall

    I would rather Phantasy Star Nova!

  11. ManifestX

    This is awesome. I hope Ys 8 gets translated also. It’s in a .xai, so I hope it can be de/recompiled quite easily.

  12. fidosy

    Good work!

  13. CappDog

    This wouldn’t be my first pick for a translation, but it’s AWESOME that it’s starting to be done 😀

  14. lawthugg

    so is the only way to get this game with a jp account (which i have). i just dont want to switch all the time just to play

  15. froid_san

    I don’t think its a good idea to translate the tropies even you can manage to so it. Since it will be refected on sony’s server and they can easily spot you.

    The ps3 Tales of viesperia fan translation did not translate the tropies and also on my fan translation of onechanbara.

    • Berion

      @froid_san: They did translate also whole Trophy package but just letting the choice to user. And I choose to not patch them, for very good reasons You mentioned.

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