Henkaku R6 is here! GPU Overclocking is out of beta!

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  1. chan

    how to install AMPHETAMIN?

  2. Rclr

    I wonder if we ever gonna get a cfw someday.

  3. Henry

    Will this improve the fps in retroarch?

  4. mike

    games are playing just fine… i dont wanna be out of battery quicker

  5. Broody

    What about the offline installer? Any updates on that?

  6. poop

    could be useful for borderlands I imagine

  7. Dalton_Corazon

    Is it me? or my offline installer of henkaku keeps crashing in mail on R6

  8. geoflame

    266MHz impossible?

  9. thelostone

    Can please somebody explain me on thing?
    Wiki says that vita has a 2 GHz CPU, why then we are talking about 444 MHz as it’s maximum?

  10. troll

    how much is the total time lost battery life from a full charge? mine last around 3.5-4 hours without OC.

  11. edmike

    is not updating i tried 7 times and is not updating henkaku

  12. Syed Jabir

    Please tell me how to install & overclock ps vita. I installed henkaku app but i don’t know how to overclock ps vita please hlep me out.

  13. VitaNoob

    The latest version it’s grabbing for me is from the 11th. Doesn’t mention R6.

  14. Syed jabir

    Please anyone help me out how to install & overclock ps vita. I installed the Henkaku app but i don’t know how to use overclock option. Please hlep me out. Thanks

    • Azoz

      create game.txt. Inside, put ” ux0:plugins/amphetamin.suprx 1 “. game.txt and the plugin from up there put them in ux0:plugins path.

  15. CappDog

    Does overclocking have any consequences? Like overheating or something?

  16. jackson

    can anyone tell me how to install Amphetamine plugin for overclock with step by step please…

  17. Bob

    Does any one feel like uploading the henkaku.bin and exploit.html from v6 offline installer. I am not going to have access to wifi for at least two weeks.

    So I could really use those files, please anybody thanks.

  18. Bob

    I really could use the help.

  19. Enigma Hall

    Any chances of the block vita updates function come back?

  20. Envy

    Does the psn still work on this update? I am not able to remote play anymore.

  21. Oh No.

    Excuse me? It is not overclocking if the CPU is 2 Gigahertz.

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