GekiHEN: Homebrew contest for the PS Vita – $800 in cash prizes to win


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32 Responses

  1. Hei Wiper

    Whoa Awesome !

  2. abc

    nice nice nice

  3. vitak

    maybe we’ll see a good n64 emulator 🙂

  4. Rolenzo

    Good old wololo always helping the scene. What a good lad.

  5. Captain

    Kewls, let the homebrew games begin!

  6. Tamer SAYGILI

    Actually, I have a dream about PSV CFW… (that allows ‘everything’ including a XMB based UI)

  7. Akabane87

    Good to hear 😀 I’ll try to participate this time.

  8. Mustapha

    I I will rewrite the history

  9. Axido

    To make things more interesting I’d like to see an option for the community to throw in some money. Like PayPal donations. But just for a limited time until the end of the month, so that at the end of the competition nobody will be able to pull the donation.

  10. SageX85

    An USB loader for PSTV would be nice…..

  11. Baka!!

    Maybe finally a DreamCast emulator. The GameCube would probably be very troublesome.

    Also ports of Nazi Zombies portable and the Left4 Dead PSP homebrew would be cool.

    Unlock Bluetooth to use Controllers and cast to other devices?

  12. FirebirdTA01

    Exciting stuff! It is indeed a throwback to the psp scene days. Can’t wait to see what people make. I’ll try my hand in this as well!

  13. Casavult

    This is great! Should push the scene forward a lot more!

  14. troll

    add a category and prize for Hardware mod! please!

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