VitaOrganizer 0.4 out, fixes a lot of stuff

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  1. Marcelo says:

    r-ra eu sou primeiro agora ha-ha

  2. Malik says:

    First woohoo!

  3. Kurdish Gamer says:

    First and we need psp loader not organizer 🙂

  4. daedae says:

    This app is amazing thanks, any thought in adding support for backing up and transferring vita game saves?

    • Dalton_Corazon says:

      This I like.. backup Psvita games is not neccessary tool because CMA is there. But save data for Psvita game is likely better.

  5. mangosteam says:

    how to fix java heap size error?

  6. troll says:

    this app is incredible, I’ve run into a couple issues in version 0.3 but overall its been great! thanks for the good work

  7. drd7of14 says:

    It’s a pretty sweet application. I would love to see if they could port it over to Android in the future, once it’s running pretty well on PC that is. A portable file manager/install system would be ideal for the VITA.

  8. cramhead says:

    does the send in 1 step function use compression 9 + remove duplicates + make it safe?

  9. RodPin says:

    This app is amazing! Great work!
    I’d like to give two suggestions:
    1 – Scan subfolders looking for .vpk. I like to separate the vpk in categories, like “Homebrews”, “Apps”, etc. And this will lead to my second suggestion;
    2 – Get the folder name where the .vpk’s are to create categories, thus making it easier to organize.

    But once again, this app is great!

  10. Omp1 says:

    Write a blogg post (or a “page”) about Vita Organizer (and other awesome Vita tools) that you can link to every time a new release is made, and then just write about the new features. 🙂

    • Omp1 says:

      Then you can also, from the Vita Organizer page, link to all releases of the tool, if someone wants to follow the development 🙂

  11. abdulazizi dosari says:

    Is there a guide to how install VPK using Vitaorganizer ? Can’t seem to recognize the VPK on my PC.

  12. T1V says:

    you have to create direcotry called organizer in ux0: to make it work

  13. T1V says:

    how to:
    1) on PC: run vitaorganizer-0.4jar
    2) on Vita: run molecular shell (VitaShell needs to be in version .95)
    3) on Vita: create directory organizer in ux0 ( ux0:/organizer/ )
    4) on Vita: start ftp by pushing “select”
    5) on PC: put ip address in field, and press connect (my vita was showing, but I’ve used only ip without port so )
    6) on PC: click “connect” button
    7) on PC: select folder with VPK files
    8) on PC: click refresh
    9) on PC: select game you want to install, right-click and select “Send data to Vita”
    10) wait till it finishes
    11) on PC: select “send promoting VPK to Vita”
    12) on Vita: in shell go to ux0:/organizer/ and select directory of your game, start installation


  14. zagvot says:

    I will try this one

  15. SeanP2500 says:

    this worked brilliantly over ftp but out of curiosity can this work over usb potentially?

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