HENkaku release 6 adds GPU overclocking (Video) – Beta testers needed


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  1. nebu_187 says:

    waiting for a post like
    ps1 and psp on henkaku
    or henkaku on 3.18

    • InfiniteBored says:

      “henkaku on 3.18” ah ain’t gonna happen

    • Zorax says:

      waiting for PS1 PSP on Henkaku indeed.

    • Jesse says:

      My god people, get a PSP ffs. I’m so tired of seeing these posts. A PSP is so much easier to hack and can support much larger cards (2xmicro SD). Sure the screen isn’t as nice, but it’s a solution to all of these posts. I have 256Gb in my PSP and wouldn’t trade it for PSP on Vita, it just doesn’t have the storage.

      • Zorax says:

        I’ll still eagerly wait for the PSP PS1 on Henkaku. Thanks for your opinion.

      • Schadows says:

        I’m also so tired of seeing people only thinking about themselves and suggestion such a foolish things as “then get a PSP”. In that case, most of emulators would be useless.

        My main reason for wanting a PSP emulator is that I don’t have a second joystick on my PSP and playing a lot of PSP game which couldn’t do better than using the d-pad + joystick (on the same thumbs) is ridiculous.
        But there is also the fact that the game looks better too, and that I don’t want to bring 2 consoles with me everytime.

      • Gikero says:

        I have a few PSPs but my problem is batteries. Every battery I’ve purchased has eneded up useless within a few weeks – months.

        How are you getting 256GB of storage in your PSP? I have tried 64GB cards and with the use of a proprietary adapter, 2 x 64GB cards. My PSPs always fail to read/write after the first 32GBs has been written to the card. Both are 2000 models.

      • warfaren says:

        Not only is the screen better but the controls are far superior too. Dual analog sticks (just like a real Dualshock) and the back touch for L2, L3/R2, R3. On top of that we have the awesome TN-X which gives us savestates in PS1 games (maybe it was possible on PSP, I don’t know though). I have a PSP already but I’d much rather play PS1 games on my Vita, it’s just far superior. Oh, and you can scale the screen on Vita much better too (the predefined modes on PSP are not that good for games with black bars). I’m staying on 3.18 until all its features come to 3.60 or HENKaku comes to 3.18, it’s not like HENKaku currently offers anything I’m dying to have anyway (if a Dreamcast emulator comes out maybe I’ll start having second thoughts).

    • YenKsiD says:

      Keep dreaming man. They already said that there will be no port to lower firmware. It is a waste of time.

      • anon says:

        It wont be release by yifan, but after henkaku sources will be released (the challenge will end or something…) the exploit will be ported to lower versions for sure.

    • Ps vita says:

      *** you PSP , i buy ps vita play games vita . *** you PSP

    • Zorax says:

      Waiting PS1 and PSP on Henkaku indeed.

  2. YOur Daddy says:

    waiting for the day when guys like you will be slapped on the face with your respective hack

  3. drasglaf says:

    I wonder if the problem where the console stops detecting the memory stick when putting to sleep is fixed in this version.

  4. drasglaf says:

    It’s supposedly a Henkaku-related problem. Happened to me while playing Trails of Cold Steel 2. Tried to save and there was no save file anymore, and I couldn’t save anyway. The only way to solve it is closing and opening again the game. I read it doesn’t happen on Henkaku r2, which also was the last version to support GPU overclock to 222 Mhz, so I’ve been using it since. Although I’ve been extra-careful and every time I stop playing I just close the game.

  5. Niceneasy92 says:

    So is borderlands on the vita still sc***, or did they eventually fix that through patches? Someone should give that a shot to see how much of a difference it makes.

  6. JFSAINTS says:

    maybe…overclok for retroarch? …waiting…

  7. Dalton_Corazon says:

    Waiting for off-topic henkaku in regards of possible continuous of developing homebrew particularly in Emulators! DS, DREAMCAST! and more 😀

  8. Marcelo says:

    boa tarde eu to com um problema dificil eu tenho um cartão d 32gb eu estava jogado plantas vs zumbis e de repente começou mandar msg dizendo [favor colocar o cartão d memoria ]sendo q o cartão já estava no psvita e questão d 20 minutos travou tudo eu desliguei e liguei novamente e a msg agora era outra [c4-10278-8] já tentei resert seguro formatar o reconstruir dados e nada sempre a mesma msg [c4-10278-8] alguém pode mim ajudar

    • DIEGO COSTA MAIA says:

      Cara, tenta postar em inglês pq os caras que manjam mesmo só falam inglês… Eu nunca ouvi falar deste bug, pode ser que o seu cartão de memória esteja com problema… isso aconteceu depois de atualizar pra versão 6 (BETA) do HENkaku ou antes disso!?

      • Andre says:

        Tem vários tópicos no Reddit de cartões sendo corrompidos (Geralmente os de 8 GB e 64GB). Mas acredito que seja algum dump ruim, Ou algo do tipo. Da uma pesquisada no reddit sobre cartões corrompidos, alguém já deve ter achado uma solução.

    • Rafadogs says:

      Man , aconteceu comigo tenho de 64gb só reiniciei e fiz rebuild database e acessei o henkaku e voltou a funcionar.

  9. Xyler says:

    Is there a list somewhere with the default frequencies of games?

  10. Filippo94 says:

    Still it needs a dumped game to use plugins, right? 🙁

  11. Mud says:

    I think a psp emulator fix will be happening sometime in the near future. heck they done everything but that at this point. 🙂

  12. DIEGO COSTA MAIA says:

    It´s is working great… Tested with Borderlands 2 too

  13. NINOZ says:

    thanks… that’s dope

  14. Kerry says:

    when you want PS1 and PSP on Henhaku then BUY YOUR PSP AND PSX GAMES -.- vollidioten echt ey

  15. Mewaria says:

    wololo: could you comment or make maybe an article about the critical proplem of the psvita cards?
    So many 8gbyte cards and so on got broken after the dumping =(
    Is Sony really selling us *** cards and is it maybe someday possible to make an micro sd adapter?

  16. DIEGO COSTA MAIA says:

    Tested with Borderlands 2 and Uncharted Golden Abyss… working great!

  17. Byte says:

    Other than for homebrew marked ‘safe’, why is HENkaku whitelisting functions at all? Shouldn’t it just allow everything?

  18. Marcelo says:

    good afternoon I to with a difficult problem I have a card d 32gb I was playing plants vs zombies and suddenly started sending msg saying [ Please put the card d memoria ] q being card was already in psvita and issue d 20 minutes caught everything I I hung up and called again and was now another msg [ c4-10278-8] already tried safe resert format the data rebuild and nothing ever the same msg [ c4-10278-8 ] can someone help me

  19. Fadi5555 says:

    We waiting for ppsspp port for vita to could play our psp games in hd because now it has dynarec support and GPU overclock as well. So I think this is the right time to get this port. Also pcsx_rearmed core in retroarch. If they did we don’t need to get Henkaku port to lower firmware. Because we got psp and ps1 on 3.60 through Amazing thing which called (Henkaku).

  20. paul says:

    ever since I hacked my Vita there’s this phenomenon “an error has occurred: your Vita will be turned off” . it will just show up occasionally..

  21. jackson says:

    Please anyone tell me how To overclock psvita i installed the henkaku app in vita but i don’t know how to overclock or amphetamine plugins ,step by step. Please

  22. quocdong says:

    please ! add font unicode for psvita. im from vietnam ! ps vita font error

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