(Rumor) Warez group releases first decrypted PS4 game


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39 Responses

  1. GuyFawk


    Well it’s like the Vita scene. HENkaku was a big surprise to everyone and especially when it also gained the ability to run apps that could dump vita games. It was even said that it would’ve been months until that would happen. Maybe the PS4 might get the same treatment.


      LMAO @ the henkaku argument
      Yeah henkaku when the vita is almost obsolete, so I’m guessing 2021 for the ps4 to run hacks.

  2. PeterK

    First, had to do it once 🙂
    And PS4 jailbreak is for consoles running firmware 3.76 dont you mean 1.76 FW?!?!

  3. SpaceMan

    lol wololo @ 3.76 jailbreak? wow i must be in the wrong dimension

  4. froid_san

    can we do mods now like on vita when we first got henkaku and no vitamin to run pirated content but mods still do work

  5. cracker

    @wololo *1.76

  6. DSpider

    Since we can now decrypt PS Vita games and files (and especially SAVE GAME files), theoretically, someone could find an exploit and open up the PS4 wide open.

    It would be funny. Remember how the PS3 keys were found in the PSP firmware?

  7. Biff627

    “Jailbreak for 3.76” lol thats not eveb out yet ;P

  8. Biff627

    “Jailbreak for 3.76” lol thats not even out yet ;P

  9. noko

    I hope this is true, but only because I format shift everything for the possibility of emulating stuff one day.

  10. Mike trujillo

    Nada que RootCloak no pueda arreglar ja!

  11. playonlcd

    There are 2 years since new generation are on the market, wither way, until next year something gonna crack; we already have the confirmation from fail0verflow that ps4 security is week, we just need somebody with big *** to release somthing.
    Also i am guessing that TX is not at sleep at all on One.

  12. atreyu187

    Eboot is still encrypted. This is just the PFS protection removed much in the same way mr gas did for the Vita scene when Uncharted was first dumped. The leprechaun is nothing more then zecoxao when he released how to remove PFS protection on August 12 this year. That is why it is such a old game as they can’t require above 1.76 firmware as it must be installed on the PS4 in order for this trick to work. They certainly not the first to do it just the first to pre one for the scene.

  13. maxton

    Dumping a PS4 game has been possible since the 1.76 FTP server was available. You just have to run it while the game is running in the background and copy files over the network. The files are in /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAXXXXX-app0

  14. sav

    i bet anything this is authentic, i also bet theres a ps4 kernal exploit out there aswell for 3.55 or something similar to henkaku.

    imagine that….

    i believe good times are ahead folks.

  15. James

    I would almost expect it to be hacked considering the ‘new’ ps4 round the corner…

  16. rjman

    the param.sfo is missing..

  17. Captain Jack

    Whats the use of this unless there is an exploit to run them. Start of good things to come 🙂

  18. TheTruth

    If this is real we might be seeing an interesting release after/before 4.0 hits PS4 just saying why would they hint at the PS4 scene being alive with a decrypted game under their belt if they didn’t have more to follow perhaps even a way to play those decrypted games.

  19. Rufis_

    Am iI wrong or I read “This was a triumph”?

    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
    It’s hard to overstate
    my satisfaction.

  20. MrAnhell

    Would be nice to have Kodi running on a PS4 aswell 🙂

  21. leshmutt

    Good to see this – i was there for the PSP,PS3 and the original Wii hacking days and had so much fun with it (mainly for SNES Roms) be good to see if we can get a proper 64 emulator for the PS4 – should have enough power now 🙂