release: VitaShell 0.95


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  1. Jesse

    First. Vitamin 2,0 was also released.

  2. SomeAnonimusDouche

    “Added ability to install update files as .vpk”
    Is this only for Vitamin or can I also just update my Retroarch emulators?

  3. CycloneFox

    A text editor is a great idea. I was hoping for that to change configs on the fly.

  4. Mr. MaGoo

    Is there any idea when there may be a tnv release for this? I am currently on 2.02 and. Don’t want to leave my crisis core behind. I’ve asked a sony rep about the possibility of adding it to psn but got no where with it.

  5. Br

    Can´t copy files to grw0 using VitaShell v0.95! only with ftp

  6. Need help

    I have no wifi at home. I just received my vita today and managed to update it to 3.60 via qcma. I then went to a coffee shop and installed henkaku and the latest molecule/vitashell. I did not install my psn account on this vita because I did not know the ftp only works via wifi.
    So is there REALLY no way for me to install vpk’s on this thing until I go back to a wifi hotspot?

  7. Ioleo

    To receive the update automatically one needs internet access, doesn’t it expose the console to Sony?

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