ScummVM for PSVita – Play ScummVM on your Vita!

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  1. MAtthew


  2. smithy

    Second ftw!

  3. Max

    “scumm games not working” – What does that mean ? The purpose of ScummVM is to play Scumm games…

  4. Frank

    Wonderful! Now we could release a port of PPSSPP if the iso don’t work, they will with it 😉

    • Jomann

      why would you ever think this? The vita already has a psp emulator. We simply need to wait for a dev to find a way to access it.
      Let me make this clear: PPSSPP will NEVER come as an installable package for the playstation vita. I promise you this.

      If you need to know WHY this is, then you haven’t thought about it much.

      • Kingbuka

        The only advantage I seen with PPSSPP is the fact that you can upscale games to look slightly better than original. Still I think this sort of emulator for the Vita is fruitless.

      • Frank

        Relax… it was kind of a joke. I know very well that the PS Vita has a PSP emulator Inside.

      • m1k33

        OK, I’m gonna go ask you why, theoretically if you have access to PPSSPP’s source code then you can definitely port it to Vita now that it has been cracked open for homebrew, it wouldn’t run as fast as the Vita’s built in emulator but its totally not impossible.

    • MagilsugaM

      Find a way to change the res of the emulator.
      Cuz it looks like *** upscaled like thay

  5. SERAS


  6. ratsz

    Outstanding !

  7. Albert Covington

    Freakin’ Eh! Been waiting for this to come out. I’d love to know how to port things like this.

  8. boypalos

    This is great! DOTT here we go again….

  9. Matymeatboy

    Was testing Sam & Max and after puting the vita in sleep mode it have crashed and restarted my vita, so take care
    Btw its working almost flawlessly, waiting for the updates of this.
    this is cool.


  11. drasglaf

    Great news, I was missing this on the vita since Henkaku appeared.

  12. Paolo

    yes! hope in touch support soon…

  13. Leonardo Alberto Perez Mendoza

    i cant install the games … help me please

  14. Albert Covington

    Tried testing Monkey Island 1 the VGA version and the SCUMMVM console dubugger errored out and crashes the Vita.

  15. 1234

    No touch support?

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