QCMA updated, fixes crash with HENkaku


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34 Responses

  1. supergun says:

    I have had no problem with it it has not been crashing for me

  2. Adam says:

    When I open the “backup manager”, my “online ID” on the top field shows up as an endless string of unreadable characters. Also, the window program is way too wide. I don’t understand why my username shows up corrupted.

    Anyone else having the same issue?

  3. Zukrin says:

    How to update the qcma? Sorry fot the silly question. I have downloaded the qcma files.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Fiozzo says:

    Nobody wrote “first”? This world is changing.. :’)

  5. boo says:

    This never connects to my vita, last time i searched for hour for a fix and found nothing, this new version still doesn’t connect so its going in the trash

  6. Muffinz47 says:

    I am SO glad that I followed the RSS feed

  7. zagvot says:

    can this be a tool for installing games from PC to Vita?

    • blutwurst1984 says:

      You can rename large files to *.mp4 and copy it on your Vita. Then you must rename the file of course and move it to the right directory. For example: A PS Vita Dump from *.mp4 to *.vpk.

  8. letsgame says:

    hey im having a problem with downloading QCMA on xp its saying the procedure entry poit GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEX could not be located in the dynamic link library please any help ?

  9. Dothackjhe says:

    Anyone else having trouble transferring Mai dump games with massive files like Killzone Mercenary and Malicious Rebirth with QCMA? Mine gets cut off in the middle of the process even when I am using a brand new OEM cable for it. Everything else copies just fine.

  10. zolwikwkurwik says:

    Latest versio of QCMA dosn’t work on XP (SP3). The 0.3.12 version is the last that is doing something on XP (run), but still doesn’t see any of my vitas. Maybe sony made some important changes in CMA since 3.60 and now all XP users got left behind.

    • Beer says:

      Do all your vitas have differnt psn accounts and can connect to just one qcma? Or one qcma per psn account only? I never tried connecting to my qcma with vita with different psn account

  11. Beer says:

    If i have two ps vita with psn account distinct from each other. Can i use only one qcma for both of them?

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