Henkaku updated, fixes some savegame issues


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  1. rinkawa says:

    Does this mean that with this update you can no longer go to ps store with your 3.60 Vita?

    • Albert Covington says:

      No, you can still go to the PS Story, but things had to be removed from the spoofer in regards to some people having save game issues. So in turn, going to the PSN is now somewhat more risky then before. They’ve removed the update blocker too, so going online could result in people unknowingly updating to 3.61……just to be sure, turn off auto-download updates and know what you’re doing. The higher chance of getting PSN bans is now possible.

  2. Albert Covington says:

    Wait, what are people saying about this update in terms of Vitamin?? Fixing what?

    • mopi says:

      Fixing nothing about Vitamin… Wololo is mistaken.
      People claims Vitamin has a bug with save, that’s why a lot of people stops dumping game, and were waiting for a fix (Vitamin 2.0 for example)…
      TheFlow demonstrate that the bug was relative to Henkaku, not Vitamin…
      So, this new HENkaky release should not fix anything for Vitamin because the save bug was not a result of Vitamin.

  3. erion says:

    That makes the henkaku version in the offline installer is so outdated

  4. SadManHappyFace says:

    I don’t think I’ll be updating if the risk of getting banned is higher.

    • mopi says:

      Don’t worry about that…
      When you start your PSVita, your firmware is 3.60 and a script is called by Sony to check the new version. It’s silent and it’s launch even if you don’t check the auto-update firmware.
      Then, when you start HENkaky, your firmware is spoof to 3.61, and you can connect to the PSN.

      It’s so easy to Sony to store the last version of your firmware, and ban console where firmware seems to be downgraded. (3.60 at start, 3.61 when use PSN, 3.60 at reboot).

      If you don’t want to get ban, just never play with piracy games… because if you have trophy about digital games you never bought, it’s easy for Sony to know your playing with a game which was not purchased on our store 😉

      • Joseph says:

        They can tell you don’t have the physical cartridge in your psvita? I can understand if it’s digital download only, but some of the uploaded games have cartridge versions.

  5. Rolenzo says:

    I think now is the time, if you’re on Henkaku, to abandon your real psn id and use a fake. Don’t want to risk losing ps4 digital purchases.

  6. troiado says:

    thanks Yifanlu. kisses and kisses

  7. x7l7j8cc says:

    If someone need the Original shell.self, because you have installed the Debug one and dont have the Original one…

    Here you go: http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/4CzR61eM/file.html

    This archive contains:
    – Debug Shell (from SiliciaAndPina)
    – Original Shell (Dumped by Me)
    – VitaRW Tool (from Major_Tom)

  8. haseof91 says:

    is there a way to go back to system update 3’60 went to 361 not meaning too

  9. Deliop says:

    Doesn’t Vitashell built-in network update expose me to Sony? Or in henkaku mode Sony IPs are blocked?

  10. wailam says:

    Henkaku PSN access has been blocked today. So for those that missed it, too bad.

    • SadManHappyFace says:

      Thank god I already finished installing VHBL. But I got a PSN notification this morning though.

    • Modasucka says:

      What you talking about you filthy modasucka? I just tested both versions (R4 & R5) 10 minutes ago and they’ve both allowed me to log into to PSN.

  11. Diego Maia says:

    How do I revert to previously HENkaku version? I can’t get to PSN anymore.

  12. ECC says:

    waooo mucho error (C2-12828-1) Con el nuevo update henkaku-5

  13. ECC says:

    uff despues de 30 minutos por fin activo el henkaku .. recomiendo no actualizas (NO apagar) PS vita en lo que el problema sea resuelto

  14. cheese says:

    Does anyone know exactly what it means when it says it removed safeguards for the updater? Is it saying if you manually click update or something, it will install whereas before it didn’t?

  15. zagvot says:

    waiting for psp and ps1 emulator bubble 🙁

  16. jhonny says:

    is there who can explain to me about these updates? if I can no longer access the PSN Store? if there is no other way in order to still be able to connect to the PSN Store. if indeed there can you please explain how where do I? I recently installed Henkaku in FW 3.60 and I also read the tutorial about vita updetes block. but it seems I failed because there updeted what is this?

  17. Asuka says:

    Strange. I visit henkaku.xyz and press “Install” as usual, and henkaku installed successfully. But the molecularShell shows that it is based on vitashell 0.6. And only ux0:data have the write permission, thus I can’t even install a vpk, it says write ux:ptem xxx xxx xx error. I’m in china.

  18. Asuka says:

    Why my comments disapper? It is really strange that I install henkaku 5, but the updated molecularShell is base on vitashell 0.6, thus I can’t install any vpk, even can’t update the molecularShell manually because only ux0:data have the write permission. Even if I format my vita and it’s memory card, same thing appears. Isn’t is a henkaku.xyz’s bug?

  19. jerico says:

    Gud day need help on my psvita i updated or to 3.60 when i install henkaku and load it to vita it seems that the buttons are not working like the up left right down up and x and o buttons as well i try to reformat the vita and also did the rebuild but nothing happens still i cannot press the buttons when im inside the henkaku..please help thank you very much

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