release: rinCheat – Cheat tool for PS Vita (Beta)


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58 Responses

  1. Lasar

    Wow, this cool (:

  2. bob

    first? anyway i have been waiting to install henkaku until an n64 emulator or a way to cheat for money on FFX. looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  3. filanimetor

    I think I’m going to like the screenshot feature since some games I have doesn’t allow you to take screenshots (Super Heroine Chronicles, some parts of PhotoKano, J-Stars, etc)

  4. soneco

    iyeeeeeeé iyeeeeeé

  5. Filippo94

    Still needs a dumped game to be run onto, right?

  6. nebu_187

    still on 3.18
    epsp ftw
    i own all vita games i want

  7. Matt

    Looking forward to more great plug-ins

  8. Fokai

    Aww with!!!!fail…..none the less this is great!!

  9. random guy

    wait is this for vita games or psp?

  10. Rolenzo

    This doesn’t work for legit games? Only vitamin rips??

  11. Dean

    ViTa Rock ON!! – who know use this? 😛

  12. Mike

    ***? Why is everyone happy. That’s a shame. Now we have to deal with cheaters in every game we like, idiots. Piracy is ok but cheating is just awful.

    • troll

      agree man, cheaters ruin every online game.

    • Albert Covington

      Well you have to be an idiot to cheat online.

    • GoVitaGo

      too bad now people also supporting cheats.. that’s not morally right.. we have already in the naughty list SantaClaus by hacking our psvitas. and now this?? im not signing up for this sh*t… hehehe lol..

      • Jake

        Whether or not you think cheating is wrong is not a relative truth for everybody. For example, if you’re hacking in a one player game, who really cares? At the end of the day your hacking either for convenience or fun. Ofc everybody has their reasons for using cheats. Lastly, i dont condone cheats used online where it can really ruin the gameplay for others. There’s a time and a place and a justifiable reason in most cases.

    • FeRKy