Release: VitaShell 0.91


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33 Responses

  1. Boing says:

    First 🙂

  2. ILikeThisite says:


  3. Salar says:

    Awsome 😀

  4. Rafael707 says:


  5. fateese says:

    Anyone know where I can get that nice-lookin’ Deus Ex VitaShell theme?

  6. Dalton_Corazon says:

    That is why Wololo is the best! He firmly wait for a stable release.. I know and I doubt that if I always update an apps it will just end up unfinished. But this? now have a automatic update. Nice.

  7. Khan says:

    How to install? Not installing through vitashell.

  8. Aneesh says:

    Cool work..any idea when the next vitamin would release ? Been refreshing this page like 50 times daily !!!

  9. Drk says:

    I see someone runing crash b psx when that be possible.

  10. noob a loob says:

    how do i restore my ps vita without updating? ium alredy on 3.60. i dont want to use my legit psn account?

    • drk says:

      just logout u dont need psn acc on henkaku

      • Noob a loob says:

        So just logout on system settings, that’s it? Cool ! Thanks bro, I appreciate it. I thought I had to reset Vita and use QCMA or something. Much love to the vita Sean….

      • Noob a loob says:

        I’ve read that we can have PSN access with the new version of Henkaku, i’d like to do a reset to use a different ID just in case….can you help me out?

      • Noob a loob says:

        This is what I was looking for..Here is what i did in similar situation, remember you need latest henkaku to login into psn. This will completely delete all settings, data, saves, everything. PSN steps are important!

        Go to settings —> PSN —–> Login to psn —–> Deactivate your system. —-> Log out from psn.

        Now go to vitashell and to vs0:registry/ folder —-> delete registry.dreg and registry.ireg files.

        Go to settings and format your memory card.

        Reboot. After that your vita will act like booted first time. Just remember to turn off automatic update download in setting menu after first boot.

  11. T says:

    Is there anything else than ps vita news on this website?
    Is there anyone out there with a ps vita?
    It’s kinda looser. It’s like having a Sega when the whole world have a nintendo

    • Crzo says:

      This is a PSP/Vita news website, if you came here to read about nintendo, well: You are on the wrong website then…

      • T says:

        You exactly got the point. There’s so many ps vita news that u think this website is only for this but it is not.
        When Sony released the beta and everyone else had a Vhs, you were the one with the beta telling everyone that u got the best… We all know what happened since 😉

        • NakedFaerie says:

          In reality Beta is actually better than VHS but VHS is more popular so it killed off Beta.

          Its the same as BluRay and HDDVD. HDDVD was actually a better format but BluRay won that war and became more popular and killed off HDDVD.

          Same as Dreamcast and PS2, PS2 won that war, DS and PSP, DS won, Vita and 3DS, 3DS won, PS4 and Xboned, PS4 wins. Have you even used a Xboned? I did and its so SLOW………….. compared to the PS4. If you have a slow internet connection then your whole console is also slow. I dont know how xboned is even still popular? Its lower res than PS4, its a heck of a lot slower than PS4, the GUI is covered in ads so its cluttered with spam, its just ***.

          I had a xboned 2 weeks ago for a day. Had to return it the next day as its pathetic. The xbox360 is faster, looks better, plays better, just all round better and the xbox360 is worse than the PS3… Well, the PS3 is the best console there is. Nothing can beat a PS3. 😀

          BTW, I mod and repair consoles so I’ve used them, I own many of them. I just say it how I see it. I’m not a fanboy by any means. I use my N3DS more than my Vita but think the Vita is a better handheld.

          • NakedFaerie says:

            If I’m right, didn’t HDDVD have a size of 80GB where Bluray was only 40gb? HDDVD had a bigger resolution also, I think HDDVD was 4K to start with where Bluray was 1080P?
            Its been a long time since I’ve seen the stats of both units, do a google to find out for yourself. I bet some troll will post the stats I speak about and probably show us I am wrong. Still, HDDVD was better but lost to the more common format.

    • seanp2500 says:

      oddly my worthless sony can play both sega and nintendo

      t is for troll and troilling is not for me…

  12. DSpider says:

    VitaShell looks better and better. The addition of icons for files and folders are most welcome, but… what’s with the Zelda theme? n00bs don’t know how to Triforce, is that it?

    Hope you guys add some kind of theme (skin?) support.

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